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Shubho Nabo Borsho to you

Today is the first day of the Bengali New Year. So, I would love to wish all my readers
Shubho Nabo Borsho

May your year be a happy and prosperous one


  1. shubho naboborsho!! kire aaj ki plan? haalkhata korte berobi naki? kota jama holo? :)

  2. sayani chatterjee15/4/11 7:31 pm

    Shubho Noboborsho Nivedita! Ei bochor khub bhalo katuk...Best wishes!

  3. shubho abo barshno.....i remember those days when i used to be in kolkata during this time and we would go shop hopping and collecting boxes of sweets :)

  4. @ Kuheli: jke onek kichhu korechhi. Halkhata!! ekhon ar hoy? jamato shara bochhor kini. :P
    @ Sayani: The same to you. Tumi kemon katale?
    @ Debaleena: Hahaha. These days people do not seem to be in the mood of halkhata it seems. shei chhtobelar por theke trendta kome gechhe mone hoy.
    @ Raksha: Thank you


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