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Sugar Plum Fairy Look- EOTD

Hi, day before yesterday, I tried this look which is Sugar Plum Fairy from Lakme Fantasy Collection. I think I could do this look better and indeed it looked better than in photo. I was in such a hurry because dusk was setting in, and I do not like to click in artificial light. here is my clumsy effort
I applied a light dose of Elle E18 eye sparkler in white becasue I did not have the Moonbeam liner.

Then I put on the brown from my Botanica quad at the corner and blended it towards the crease. That way, you can have a defined look

Then, I simply liner my upper lash line with Lakme  Glide on Eye Color in Bridal Pink

I topped it up with the pink from my Revlon Eye quartet. I used a simple 0 sized paint brush which I often use to top powder eye liner on eye color pencils to seal them.

And a light coat of mascara
here is the complete look

Then I wore kkcenterhk eye lash from my A500 box. well, this is the only lash i did not like because the band was too stiff so that the ends did not stick properly

The only time I used flash. Picture below, because by the time I was done, it was already evening

Nah! I come to the conclusion, I don't like flash.

The products I used
I used the third lash from the bottom

The third lash from the top
1) Revlon 12 hour eyeshadow Quad. Click here for review
2) lakme Botanica quad ( would be reviewing soon)
3) Elle 18 Eye sparkler in white,click here to review
4) kkcenterhk eye lash for quick review click here
5) faces eye brush. click here to read the review
6) VOV multi use glue

What do you think of this?


  1. tor sattikar'er eyelash gulo ki sundor. khub ghono aar lomba. mascara'r darkar e nei. :))

  2. pretty!! ur lashes are soo loong !!! love it :)

  3. @ Mehak: Thank you
    @ Raksha: Thank you dear
    @ Kuheli: :P Thank you. :P
    @ Sumitha:Thank you dear. Its a blessing :) :)

  4. wow! i've told u dat u hav doll eyes right?or shud i say again ;)

  5. wow ..very pretty and u have become so pro in putting up false eyelashes.:)

  6. lovely blog !
    can you tell me which brand are those eylashes?& how much they cost?
    thank you
    --kisses ♥

  7. @ Bhumika: Thank you
    @ Ansh: Hey!!! Stop pulling my leg!!! :P :P
    @ Anamika: :P your video tute was soo good that even a clumsy like me learnt to put it on. :)
    @ Glamorous Barbie: Thank you Those are kkcenterhk lashes . See there is a list near the bottom of the post and I have linked it back to my reviews. In that post only, you would find the link to the company. A box of 10 pars of these would cost you around 7 USD,
    You can also check here
    Hope this helps


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