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A tip from Blogger friend Sonali that rescued my broken lipstick

What do we do when a lipstick bullet accidentally breaks? Many throw them away. Some like me, puts the messy thing in a pot and wears it with a lipstick brush and others like Sonali from The Asian Beautifier, have this brilliant idea and comes to a neat rescue.
My 2 year old niece in her attempt to put on a little make up like her aunt ( :P) broke this brand new lipstick. And ever since the lipstick was sitting in a corner. Then, suddenly Sonali came up with her brilliant tip of rescuing the lipstick. Following her instructions, here is what I did.

1)Scooped out the bullet and the base with a clean spoon and put it in a microwave safe bowl( I did not have lipstick molds or containers , besides I had only one lipstick to fix).

2)Then I microwaved it for about 45 seconds and the lipsticks melted.

3)Then, I poured it into a lipbalm pot. I also stirred it up a bit which made the even surface undulated as it was almost set. But I did it so that ,the shimmers do not settle at the bottom of the pot and is distributed evenly.

Here is what it looks like
Looks a bit messy huh? still, its better to use it up than throw away the brand new lipstick. Its Cranberry from Lakme Enrich Classic Range.
In case you need to learn to do this job better, please visit Sonali's site here, or click here to see the post

Have you ever done this? How did you save your broken lipstick? Share with us please. it would be fun and interesting to know


  1. what an idea sirjee! :D it looks like chocolate candy. :P tor niece er lipstick wala pic ta bodhoy facebook e ache, tai na? :)

  2. hmm..good tip..
    i will wait for your tags :)

  3. @ Kuheli; Ha. but thank Sonali because it was her idea only. My niece!!! We have to keep everything out of her reach, else she messes with everything. One day she ran away with my blush brush and was secretly rubbing it on her cheeks and smiling at me!!!
    @ Debaleena: Its just a matter of time. I would love to do it.
    @ Bhumika and beautydiva: Thanks to Spnali that she came up with sch a nice idea!

  4. @ From Boradway: Thank you

  5. Hey it does not look messy at all.In fact I'm really liking the colour.

  6. Hey Nivedita! Justnow saw your post, I am really touched by your doing this post and accrediting me for the tip :))
    You just made my day, hugs xoxo

  7. @ Sonia: Thank you. your assurance is quite relieving to me!! I hate a messy job. only if you had seen Sonali's. Thank you for liking the color.

    @ Sonali: Well, do I have an option? :p Its after all your idea, so I must accredit you for it. Its what you deserve dear.


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