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Biotique Morning Nectar Skin Lotion-- A product that saved my skin this winter

well, this is really one of the products that saved my skin this winter. I had actually received this bottle free with Biotique Musk Root Hair Pack. Since my skin is oily in summer, it was lying in a corner of my cupboard. But during winters my skin is hopelessly dry. In order to get rid of it, I was digging in my cupboard and this one resurfaced. I tried it on and this has been my winter best friend ever since apart from Nivea Classic skin cream. Yes, the blue pan one.

Price and quantity: I dont recall it perfectly but around some 58 INR for 35 ml. Yes, not too cheap compared to Himalaya or the like

Skin type indication:  for all skin type:



My Experience: Its a  thick lotion but blends and gets absorbed into the skin well leaving it highly moisturized. I normally used it after washing my face with Himalaya Neem Facewash.For review click here

My likes:
1) It blends into the skin very easily and leaves no whitish cast or the like ( because it has no sunscreen).
2)It protects my skin by leaving a thin film of moisture on the skin surface. I normally blot up the shine with a tissue paper.
3) It helped my super dry skin in winter leaving it hydrated, well moisturized and I did not have to reach for it again for quite a long time.
4) Never broke me out and my skin looked soft and supple.

1) its a bit too moisturizing even though it is meant for all skin types. So I can't use it in summer. Although it might be suitable for dry skinned people, it should be strictly avoided by oily skinned ladies at least in summer.
2) It has no sunscreen,but then, I wont ourchase a sunscreen from Biotique again, after my first brush with Biotque sunscreen,

Apart from these I have no dislikes.
Final verdict: I would recommend this to people with my skin type who have oily skin in summer and super dry in winter. Uf you have dry skin, this is also the product for you.

Shall I repurchase? yes, for winters for sure.

I would review another winter best friend soon.

Have you used this product? How did you like it?


  1. so i should avoid it too!!in summers ofcourse. looking forward to d next one

  2. o i have this lotion, and love the fragrance. it is too heavy for me, but works well on my mom. i think unless it is winter i wont even dare use it. btw i used it as night cream in winter. glad it has no spf

  3. I use this in all season and find it excellent.

  4. @ Vanity: yeah. must stay away during the summers.
    @ Supriya: same here. but Biotique sunscreens are of no use becasue they are not effective. They are good moisturizers though
    @ Sarika: Lcky you. Its a very nice product indeed

  5. I had the milk of coconut or something like that cream for blemishes and spots. Dint do much for that but I used it up for my face. was really nice!:) but was glittery!:P

  6. I had a horrible reaction to turmeric and it ha made my skin super dry...I think i should really get this now..

  7. I am a big fan of biotique..will be writing abt some in my upcoming posts

  8. @ IK; Huh!! I have that one, but thats not shimmery!! :O I'm pretty afraid of depigmentation creams. So, its sitting in a corner of my cup board now. :P
    @ Prachi: I dont think you should put on anthing right now. Let the skin recover by itself.
    @ Debaleena: Waiting for your reviews and the beautiful photos


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