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Body Odor? Not any more.. Nature's Brilliance by Sue deodorizing Body Powder

Last week I travelled by metro. When the train arrived i was so delighted when an AC rake came out through the tunnel. But then, as soon as I stepped in, all my preconceived nightmares came true. Guess what? Since it was AC, there was little ventialltion and the entire compartment was stinking of body odor!! Now I'll carry a deo can with me to keep away stinking people as well as rogues!! Yes, the srap bottle technique. but for myself, I have found a great alternative. I would use Sue's deodorizing body power

What is it? Its a body powder from Sue's Nature's Brilliance . The speciality of her products are they are hhypoallergic and free from parabens and preservatives.

Price:  $5( around 225 INR) for 6 oz ( please convert the weight)

Composition:Organic Arrowstarch Starch, White Cosmetic Clay (Kaolin), and Baking Soda. Scents created from Essential Oils.
Available in 12 variants from Peppermint to orange and rainforest

My experience:
The likes:
1) it does what it is meant to do.It really deodorizes the body. I can comment on how well it works for people with real deodorant issues. I myself drink plenty of water and can make do even without a deodorant without turning the whole metro compartment into a stinking hell. :P
2) It smells good of refreshingly peppermint. I reapply it only because of the fresh feeling it leaves on me
3) Its a decent quantity even for a sample.
4) It soothes my skin and did not irritate underarm area.
5) Kept my underarms dry. but I did not stay out the whole day. I have to try that.
6) you need only a wee bit to dust on your body

The dislikes:
1) I am not really fond of peppermint. It reminds me of Colgate powder toothpaste becaue of the color and the smell. While this is not a con, I would definitely like it in some other freagrance other than this as I am happy with the product.
2) The powder is not too fine. but then, this is a natural powder. so no complaint on that front. but it cant be used on the face I think. Because of the coarse texture, I am afraid it might block the pores. But then, this powder is meant to be used on the body and not on the face.( some people like me sometime uses body powder to set the make up or just put on some body powder on the face). I would give you an update if i use it on my face. but then, i dont think it would do any harm as this is very gentle and soothing on the skin.

Otherwise, I find no con

overall verdict:
I quite like this refreshing powder on a hot summer day which soothes my skin.

Shall I rePurchase: Yes. If I start shopping online I would definitely buy this again.

for more information, head on to Nature's Brilliance here and my previous post here

Product sent by the brand for consideration. But that has not affected my opinion


  1. oh nice. colgate powder!:P studying? how were exams?

  2. Looks like a decent one, Good Honest Review Nivedita :)

  3. very good product. unique concept. good review. :))

  4. deo in powder form...nice concept :)

  5. I did the concealer review you asked for!!:D VERY scary pictures!:P See fast cause I intend to delete them soon!:P :P everyone is seeing but the people who asked for the review!:P and getting cared and scarred! :P

  6. @ Ik' It will start from next month. Grrrr
    @ Ginger: Thank you dear
    @ Uzma: Thank you. Yes, its quite nice to use during summer.
    @ Kuheli: Yeah, Thank you
    @ Prerana: Yes. I find the concept quite intriguing :) :)
    @ IK: Thank you. I visited you. My server had gone crazy for almost teo days and I could not access my internet. :(


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