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Dang baby, its time for shopping!! Colorbar mini haul

no no, my exams are not over. They haven;t started yet!!! But with preparations and all I was feeling pretty imprisoned. Yesterday I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide. I so love Johnny Depp and his wacky roles!! but the wackiness was missing in this movie Sigh... anyway, I would be talking about my unending love some other day, but the bottom line is, after the movie I couldn't resist a bit of shopping and well, for us, retail therapy always does some good. Well, its not a mega haul, but a little shopping and here is my treasure from Pantaloons
Colorbar Cosmetics
I got both the lip products for free. I wasnt supposed to get both, but the SA knew me, so she made some exceptions. Good for me in anycase

My pink blusher is almost finished. I have been wishing to but Colorbar's much raved about Peachy Rose blush for a really really long time, but somehow never managed to buy it. This time I went ahead.
I also needed a manicure white and seeing them on offer I couldnt resist the Blue lagoon as well!! I never thought I would wear colors like this one, but well, as I grow older I would never wear them and I would regret having never worn these shades. LOL
I got the lipstick free with the two nail paints and the Juicy Candy Gloss with another nail polish and the blush. Here are the nail polishes
 And the Lipstick

I'll be reviewing them after 17th of June. I'll take your leave now and give you the chance to feel good with these eye candies( that how I feel with your hauls as well :) )

So, what do you think?

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  1. u must be feeling so good..i love peachy rose. my exams over..now get jealous :P

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  3. sayani chatterjee25/5/11 5:31 pm

    Two weeks back I bought a velvet matte and Diva Lipstick along with a nail paint named Love and got a 100 Rs off,10% discount,one diva lipstick and one candy gloss FREE! The SA knew me well enuf...last week I bought two nail paints and got a matte lipstick free!

  4. I think you are as evil as I am. I like you!:D Oh and awesome shopping! I want the just earth blush. haven't found Colourbar at any h^g outlet here. :|

  5. wow, I luv wen dey giv u free gifts, derez 1 in esplanade, she's so sweet dat she always makes sure dat I get sum free gifts. M guessin u bought this colorbar products frm south city pantaloons..is it?

  6. i want the blue nailpaint. i can't believe u got two free stuff. :P how is study going on btw? I hav decided to go see both noukadubi and POC.

  7. best of luck for your exams...

  8. great break from the exam preparation!!

  9. @ Ansh: I'm going really green now!! an everytime you are doind that happy dance I want to pull your pony!!!
    @ Shayani: Wow. Thats great. Enjoy the goodies!!
    @@ Pretty: Yeah. I told so in the post. Where do you get your stuff at New Market?

    @ Kuheli: I'll kill you!!! You an Ansh are really making me go berserk!!!

    @ prerana: Thanks a ton. I need tons of luck now
    @ Debaleena: I'm basically taking a break from my break by studying a bit. :P

  10. Love your haul! I can see some exciting colors! You seem to be a fan of colorbar products, hun! xoxo

  11. Nice Haul Nivedita, review the blush plz :)

  12. hi niveditha, nice haul.. nice blog.. i am following you now :)

  13. would love to see the gloss and nail paints on you :D :D and yeha best of luck dear XOXO


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