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EOTD 06 with lakme Desert Rose Eye Quartet

Our lovely friend Keerthi asked for a tutorial with lakme Desert Rose Eye Quartet. Although, The EOTD I had done was lazy girl's job, here is a slightly better job. But I will soon come up with a tutorial on how on my languid days, I do my eyes.

Fist I prepped my eye lids with Avon Ideal shade concealer stick

Then, taking the peach  shade, I patted it till the middle of my eye lid
next, I took the plum shade and patted the outer half
it looked like this,
then I blended the seam.

Then I took the yellowish beige and gently put it under my brow bone. Mind dont over do or you'll end up looking too made up. we are  not doing a dramatic look here
blend it in. Put on a thin coat of liner , a blast of mascara and a liner of your choice on your waterline and you are done!!!

 This is a simple, natural, day tiime look. We can achive a more dramatic look using all the four shades, but that was not what I aimed for
next time, I'll do a better, less time consuming make up which I normally do and for those of you who feel lazy to do eye make up, we'll have the contest who beats who in laziness!! :P
In the mean time, I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. sundor hoyeche..:) ami esab kichui parina. :P great job. :))

  2. Hun you shouldn't be using that quartet anymore! It was manufactured as Limited Edition in 2008 and has well expired by now. I threw my shadows out and am using the container for my homemade projects. You should throw it out too, or you could get rashes on your lids and eye infections! :(

  3. @ Rizzie: Mine works fine. No problem. but thank you, Mine has not yet expired and its still quite available if you have the updates about Lakme.

    @ Kuheli: Ebar cheshta kor!!!noile bokchhi ki jonyo!! :P

  4. hahah tell me about using old cosmetics, i keep them with me till they start to smell funny..

  5. u did a nice job here..but i like colors on u more :P

  6. @ Rainy days: Actually colored cosmetics lasts for quite a long time. if it works, I think there is no problem as long as it is dry. but my Quads are quite new. :P Haven't been into shadows for a long time.
    @ Vanity: Thats a huge compliment dear!!! Thank you!!!!

  7. daarun :) why can't I do these things!!!

  8. Hey! Thanks so much for this Nivedita! :)
    I really appreciate it, All i was doing with this gorgeous quad was just applying the bottom left shade all over the lid, it gave a great n simple look for day wear but this sounds so much more exciting, somewhat like Chem class, blending n all!
    Really excited, Thanks again! :) :)

  9. beautiful! Thanks and I'm going to purchase this quad soon :p


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