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EOTD with KKCenterhk ESG24 Palette

Remember my KKCenterhk ESG24 palette.? I wanted to play around a bit and this is a look I came around with. I was watching Lakme wandering butterfly look with its roughly done casual style. The hair style actually makes up all for the lakme looks, never the less I tried the make up. Its a quite simple look if you can make it work. here is  what I did

First I prepped my eyes with Ideal  match Shadestick concelaer from Avon

Then I blended it well. For my upper lid, I used the completely oil free Avon Ideal Shadestick Concelaer and topped it off with a little compact ( read Maybellive UV Whitestay)

Then, I rubbed on Mayeblline Vivid and Smooth liner pencil is white on my entire lid
I ought to skip this step because this makes your shadow shimmery as the pencil is itself shimmery. Since my eye shadow is a shimmery palette, it made the shadow more shimmery. But with my luck, I couldn't lay my hands on Inglot eye base even though I went there twice, just to buy it only. But the pencil as a base would have worked best for the matte shadows. anyway.....

now, taking the lime green shade from the palette, I packed it on to the inner corner
 and on the eye balls, I out the greener one

I went a little outside me eye lid as I wanted to the look to be a bit carelessly done and not the neat one just as the one in the photo of lakme
Then I took this brown shadow and started working on the outer corner blending lighly with the crease brush from Vega professional brush ( will be reviewing it)
This is the brush head

the corners

I gently stared from the ourter corner, blending it inward. Since my nose is snubby and the eyes not very chiselled, I blended a little broen shadow over the inner corner to add some depth

With the applicator, I put some shadow on the lash line as well

I brushes on a little mascara

and suddenly had this idea of putting on the KKCenterhk Lashes ( review click here)

here I am

Here are my tools
from top
1)  Avon Personal shade matchstick concealer
2) Avon idealmatch Shadestick concealer
3) Vega crease blending brush
4) Faces shader brush
5) Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara ( review soon)

What do you think of this?

PS My exams are not knocking but banging on the door. So. i might not be replying to you very quickly or I might be even posting irregularly till the middle of June. I'll miss you all