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Himalaya Neem Protective Lotion

Hello my lovely friends. My server was down for almost two days and I could not check your lovely blogs as well as your kind comments in mine. Today as soon as the connection is resumed, I have also resumed my l reviews.

I know during summer most of you usually skip the body lotion. but not me. Although I have extremely oily facial skin, my body skin is dry. Moreover, AC in this summer strips of much of the moisture from
the hair and skin as well. So, I normally try to follow up my bath with a light body lotion.
I would also suggest you not to skip the body lotion as we tend to bathe more than once in summer( which is hygienic) but leaves your skin very dry.

my previous bottle of Himalaya seems to be perfect. but this one? lets see.

Price and Quantity: 70 INR for 100 ml

What the company claims?



 Variants available
My experience with it:
its a mild lotion, not too moisturizing but makes the skin soft and supple in summers without giving you the oily feeling. It smells good and has also soothed my rashes to some extent.

Now, the pros:
1) Its light. So can be used in summers. ( I am using it in summer).
2) Its has neem. So, it would protect the skin from pollution to certain extent,
3) It doent leave any oily film.
4) It doesnt make your skin greasy.
5) It kind of hydrates the skin.
6) The smells good. a kind of herbal but pleasant.
7) Its very very affordable.
8) the cap is quite good as its not loose. The flip cap is easy to use but that might on the other hand make it a bit less travel friendly.

The cons:
1) Has no sunscreen.
2) Its very light. So not suitable for winters. But this is perfect for summer..
3) I loved the punp bottles of the previous lotions which was very convenient, non messy as well as travel friendly. Hope the larger ones have pumps too

otherwise I find no cons

So what are you waiting for?
Hvae you used this product? how did you like it?

The product has been sent to me by the brand for consideration, but that has not affected my opinion

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  1. This looks like a perfect moisturizer for summers. nice review..Do visit my blog. I am holding a Sigma giveaway

  2. Even I love using it in summers!!

  3. i use body lotion all the time. and i want to try this too. nice review. :)

  4. Even I use some lotion all throughout the year..this does sound good for summers..I love the ones with a pump though..I guess they have a bigger one with a pump too, do you know?

  5. oh btw, i love u have placed the bottle on that babe's lap :) poreekkha shesh??

  6. i use the jergens body lotion. works really well for me. hey i dont think clarisonic is availabe in India. maybe it available abroad in sephora stores and all.

  7. @ Prachi: I would definitely enter you giveaway prachi but after a while. Thanks for liking the review. Yes, it would do good in summers I think
    @ Raksha: Oh! Thats great!!
    @ Kuheli: Which one are you using now? I'm also a sucker for body lotions!!
    @ Bhumika: :)
    @ Debaleena: The previous body lotions which I loved, used to come with pumps. These I dont think do.
    Thank you. Amio chhobigulo jate shundor lage shebhabe tolar cheshta kori. Maximum lip products jodi kheyal kore thako. :P
    @ Lucky you Anju. I like the concept for Clarisonic. I am yet to try jergens. next time I need one, I'll look for it for sure now


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