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Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion

Dear Friends,
Thank you for all the support and good wishes. My dad is much better as of now and your comments revived me so much that I came down to write a new post.
Well, this post is about a not-so-satisfactory product. You know how I love Himalaya products. They ar emostly hit with me. But this product turned out to be a miss. Let's dig on

175 INR
Quantity: 100 ml

Composition: Please enlarge
 There is plenty of literature on the carton, lets see
What does this sunscreen do?

Why a sunscreen should be used

How this unique sunscreen works?
Directions of use:
 moreover what the bottle says?

My take
What I like about it?
1) Its a non-oily formula
2) Smells of incense in a temple. I almost feel sanctified, by the smell if you get what I mean. LOl. But it smells beautiful.
3) Blends nicely on the face and no whitish cast if blended properly.
4) Did not make my face oily, but moisturized it in a nice way.

Now, why it failed for me?
1) It has SPF 15 which does not work for me. my problem skin need higher sun protection whith PA +++ whih is not present on this formula. so, both low SPF and absence of PA +++ makes it not a product for me.
2) It can not be used around the eye area. I get pigmentation mostly around the eye area if I go out in the sun. So if I cannot use the sunscreen around the eye area, how do I protect that delicate area?
3) I used it on my arms, and after a walk for half an hour in the mid day sun, my arms were dark as ever, So, it is proved it doesnt help in protection from tan.
4) You may not like it because of parabens. I am ok with them. We do need preservatives in the cosmetics.
Overall. it did not do what I look out for in sunscreens. So, this is a miss with me.

Do I recommend? No
Shall I repurchase? No. There is not point. It wont protect even my delicate eye area.

Have you used this product? How do you like it?

Product sent to me by the brand for consideration, but that has not affected my opinion


  1. The SPF is really less...I like Lotus sunscreens :D

  2. hey nivedita. i use this and like it but i have my reasons.
    i am allergic to spf>15, i know it sucks. i have to apply the sunscreen again and again if ii want total protection from sun.
    I dont apply it to my face though, and thankz for pointing out that it cannot be used around eyes. i missed that point somehow.
    nice review

  3. True Raksha. Lotus did not agree with me when I tried it for the first time when it was launched. But the phyto RX range makes me bold enough to try it again. Lotus sunscreens are very good. my friends use that.
    @ Ginger: Come on!! I dont have the final say!! of course you can have your reasons. I know somebody who is allergic to sunscreens too. Should I recommend this to her as well? as a body lotion?
    Now, you got me curious. Could you review it please?

  4. great review and soo many snaps! i think we shdnt look at spf < 30..i have a couple of them myself, but want to finish them soon so as to move to better ones!

  5. True. I so agree with you Debaleena


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