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KKCenterhk ESG24 eyeshadow palette -Review and Swatches

Dear friends
Last time I showed you this palette. I also expressed how excited I was about this KKcenterhk palette as I had never owned a big palette like this. This one is ESG24 palette  I wanted to try it out before I came up with a review. Last day I went out with my friends in the afternoon. Yes, you heard it right. In spite of the heat we braved the weather just to have some good time. I out this on around 11 30 AM and came back home around 6 PM. I immediately ran in front of my dressing table to find out how my shadows fared and voila!! no creasing, minor fading!! In fact the shadow had moreover set in nicely. So here goes my review and swatches

Price: around 720 INR
What the company claims?
Make Up Set Extremely Portable.

100% New, Never Been Used

Case Is Black( with 2 brushes and mirror)

24 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Blush Palette

Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up

Size : 238mm X 171mm X 18mm

Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

The whole box

I like the fact that unlike most cheap shadows, this does not have heavy metals in its composition and and the ingredient list is mentioned on the box.
The palette is so sleek and sturdy looking. I love the classy black case. here are the shades

I'm sorry, the camera could not catch the shimmery light colors. The lighter shades are showing up as white in the photo, but they are all different varying from white to creamy white to lavender white to lime white.
The quantity is quite good as the pans that you are seeing are not really small. Here is estimate

yes, that is a one rupee coin
Now the swatches
I'm putting on the swatches of each row from the top

The second row

The third row

The fourth row and last row

to sum up what I like about the palette

1) Good quantity. So many shades in one palette.
2) The colors are highly pigmented. What you see is a light swatch with my fingers and this is the color pay off.
3) If you are fond of shimmers, beyond doubt, this is the product for you.
4) Versatile.
5) Sturdy packaging ensures its portability.
6) Comes with a mirror and two sponge applicators
7) The texture is powdery and soft and blends so nicely with very little effort.
8) Another thing I could not help noticing was the package. It came wrapped in tons of bubble wraps and looked almost round. Because of such good packaging not a single shadow was damaged. Most of you who order cosmetics online are worried about the state they reach . but from my experience with KKCenterhk I am now totally confident on their packaging.
9) It comes cheap, somewhere around 720 Loose bucks in INR. I thinks this is  a good quantity

Now, what I did not like about this palette

1) There is no black which is a major drawback.
2) There is no pure/deep blue which is also a major drawback and no gold too. I epect a pure gold shadow in  a shimmer palette.
3) One shade has been repeated twice. In the first row second from the last and in the second row, second from the first are the same. So it turns out that there are actually 23 shades.
4) I would have preferred a brush with the palette because sponge applicators are our least used make up tool' Also the applicators are refusing to stay in place.
5) This might not be a very good make up option if you are photographing yourself, but that is true for all shimmer make ups. While they looks astounding in natural light, in bright light of camera flash, they just look flat washed out.

Overall: I'm liking the palette.
Do I recommend? Of course!! This is so cheap nad nice quality palette almost complete in itself!!
Shall I repurchase? tricky!! I have to finish this one first!!

I am just exited to play with these and to show you how I fare

What do you think of the palette?

Product sent by the company/PR for consideration. But that has not affected my review


  1. too shimmery. :( this one is not for me. :( but very good and detailed review. :)

  2. I really like the honesty in your reviews!! I am loving this palette a lot! as the eyeshadows size are quite big in this one, it won't hit the pan in just 6-7 applications xoxo

  3. its looks nice in the pan..but i'm a matte girl ;)
    very nice review indeed..btw check mail

  4. pretty prettyy very pretty :)

  5. o my god i want i want.. would they also have a matte palette.

  6. @ Kuheli and Anshita: They have theor mattes too. I havent tried them. So can't tell.
    @ Sonali: Thats a huge compliment Sonali!! Ya. I think they woiuld last my life time becasue I have only two eyes :P
    @ anamika: I love to stare at it more than putting it on. LOL
    @ Of Rainy Days: They definitely have the matte palette too. please check out their site in the lnk attached. jope this helps. I am waititng for your review of Maybelline

  7. Nice review Nivedita...quite shimmery colors!! :D :D :D

  8. Thank you so much Kimi. Yes, I'm so loving them too

  9. :D :D :D waiting for EOTD now!!! :) :)

  10. i did order their pallettte same one 4 weeks ago..but it hasnt reached me.......am not ordering aain from them:((

  11. Thanks so much gInger

    Dr Shivani. I have contacted KKCenter with your complaint. Hope to help you

  12. it's a nice collection..but I agree that black and blue are kind of essential shades..

  13. Oh, pretty!

    Do you know if the company test their products on animals or if they sell animalhair makeup brushes? If they don't, where can I find this palette?

    Many thanks!


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