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Lotus Herbals professionals- Phyto-Rx- Rejuvina Herbocomplex Protective Lotion Sneak Peak

Hello friends
I have not been able to review products lately, because my dad is so ill that we all were very worried. I was so upset, that I could not bring myself to post anything.
now that he is getting better, I am in the mood for posts again!! for a starter, a sneak peak is what I'm posting.

I have been using this lotion for a while, and very soon I would come up with a review.


  1. will wait for yur review:)

  2. Hopew yr dad gets real better soon!

  3. I sincerely hope that you dad gets well soon, hun! I'll be looking forward toyour review :)

  4. good to know he is better now:)...god bless.....u take care too:)

  5. hey a warm hug to you , and a big get well soon to your dad.. will wait for your review

  6. @ Mehak: Thank you so much. He is already better now. :)
    @ Sonali" Thank you. I am back now!!!
    @ Shivani: Thank you so much for supporting me. I'm good. No worries
    @ Of rainy days: Thank you so much. Btw, I never learnt your name!!

  7. Glad that your dad's better now!!
    review review review..


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