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Makari de Suisse - Acnyl Cream and Update on Makari Acne clearing Soap

Today I am going to write about my most satisfactory product as well as most expensive product till date. I had been sent a few sample sachets of Makari de Suisse and I tried them on. Here is what I saw
Price: 3000 INR
Quantity: 100 ml

 Composition and what the brand claims, direction:

Now, my experience.

This is the best cream I had ever used. I transferred my 5 ml sachet in an empty and clean lip balm jar and used it on the entire face. Initially I was doing spot application as suggested, but my friend Anshita adviced me to use it as a night cream. I did so and whoa!!! let me jot down in points

1) It cleared my complexion like magic!! Well, I never expected what my Indian skin tone would become white like the whites, neither do I want that to happen, but what I saw was, the redness of a few acne disappeared within 7 days.
2) My tan was considerably cleared.
3) The deeply embedded acne has cleared up leaving my skin smooth
4) 5 ml lasted me about a week and I used it on my entire face. So you can imagine what little quanity was required.
5) Skin felt soft in the morning, but no miracle overnight. The miracle took time of about a week and happened gradually.
6) Its not thick, rather lotion-like light hydrating cream.

What I dont like
1) The price!!! Its too expensive. Had it been half the price, it would have been still expensive, yet I would have bought a jar. The price 3000 INR+ handling charges is too much.
2) Some may not like the smell although I'm fine with it

Verdict: This is just an amazing product. If you are planning to make a big appearance, if you are into beauty industry or even planning for any big day like wedding or anniversary, I would suggest to start using this cream at least two weeks before hand, because the results are too good

Shall I repurchase? If there is an offer going on in which there would be a big discount as well as free shipping.

The soap-- Update
There are certain things I noticed after I had done the review.
1) The beads have become milder. I wet my face and swirl the soap on my face to let the beads scrub at my face. I do it very gently. The beads never scratched any acne, if I had any and has considerably cleared them up. 

My friend actually asked me what I was using because my skin looks 'like it is glowing because some kind of illness has cured from inside"
What more do you expect? 

I have just ordered this soap from Makari which they are now giving a 50% discount. While checking the link I just saw the offer. I am now waiting for the soap to arrive.

good news for you
They are giving away the kit I got for 300 INR only click here to check the kit . my personal opinion, try it out.
They are offering some great discounts check out at their site here

Products sent by the brand for consideration, but that has not affected my opinion. This is a 5 ml sample depicted


  1. it is working like a dream for me too..both d cream n soap..n nice n detailed review as always :)

  2. wow that seems like a perfect cream. but the price!! gosh. i do hope someone gifts it to me.. hehe

  3. Wow seems like a wonder product. Thanks :)

  4. @ Anshita: True. Its really working. Thank you. :)
    @ ginger: Yes it is and I never believed it could be this good. Hahahahah. But you can try the trial pack na. It has everything. mine is also the trial pack only. :P
    @ beauty: It is really. You are welcome. :) :)

  5. hey nivedita...cudn't resist after seeing d discount n ordered d soap after reading ur raving reviews ...(my mom is like aaaaaaaa 400 takar saban :P )......
    hope it works...!! :) :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. really worked for me Pooja although it did not work overnight. but you could have gone for the sampler kit. Would have been wiser. It also included two little bars of soaps that would last you for almost three months!! trust me, the soap would last so long that you wont feel the pocket pinch. It would be cheaper than facewashes you can name!! Let me know how it worked for you fore sure. OK?

  8. yes i saw d sample product on their website...but they were giving only
    * Two 5 ml sachets of Clarifying Cream
    * Two 5 ml sachets of Anti-Acne Cream
    * One 50 gm Whitening and Exfoliating Soap for Rs.300

    n i ordered d 200gm soap for 399 with free shipping..so i guess its not that unwise considering d price...n guess what d discount on d soap is closed from today...
    if it works for me den i can buy d sample next time until they start giving discounts again :P
    n yes i would let u know how it worked for me...now i m eagerly waiting for d package to arrive... :)

  9. Thanks for the information. I thought it was the same as the one I had received for the review. Sure. Even I'm waiting for free shipping again!! :P

  10. i want to try this on my bro :)


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