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Maybelline Whitestay UV compact Powder

its summer and oilies like me are defninitely hoarding up in compacts. Before you go shopping its a reminder that here is a product yoiu might want to check upon before you run to the store.
Yes, it has been around the block since last year, so I am going to remind you about this one.

My shade is Nude

What you pay: 150 INR
How much you get? around 9 gm
What does the company claim, Composition, shade

The composition is not listed:

what it does:
1) It does make my skin look fresh
2) It gives medium coverage. The first time I went out, my sister said that the foundation has effecively hidden my minor blemishes. When I told her I was wearing only a compact, she was pretty surprised
3)Nice packaging. Quite tough. The mirror and the attached lid let you carry it around to do quick touch ups.
4) Spreads evenly.
5) Soaks up oil.
6)Light weight.
7) Contains SPF 18. so protects from the sun
8) The applicator is quite good and effective unlike other compacts And can be washed and cleaned. I have done that quite a few times which has not affected its quality. The barbs ensure a better application making it look natural
9) effective initially for good few hours
10) Dermatologist tested
11) Doesnt clog pores

What I do not like

1)even though the shade matches me perfectly, it leaves a mild whitish cast which goes away in a while.
2) No UVA UVB PA +++, so not a complete protection for me. Its an unreliable sun protection.
3) I dont know why is it, I find the last of the compacts a bit troublesome. Like my other compacts, the powder at the sides feel too hard and not soft enough to take out with the applicator. A brush works fine though.

Shall I repourchase? By the time I am reviewing, its almost finished and I would definitely repurchase.

Do I recommend?
Only for oily to normal skin. I stay away from this in winters when my skin is very dry.

Have you used this? how do you like this?


  1. this was my first compact and i still have it n love it..but now i think m gonna try d lakme radiance one..heard it has better coverage

  2. Just nominated you for an award..Pls check tht out my blog.. :)

  3. i bought this after reading about it at a blog. its pretty good for 150 bucks though. nice detailed review!!

  4. even i liked the product but i hate the whitish cast!!! so i stopped using it :(

  5. I wanted to try this...bt heard Lakme Mineral 1 is better..so would try that..bt I never finish my compacts..m nt a regular user..so..

  6. @ Anshita: Lakme one is definitely better than this and mathces my skin tone to the T. Will come up with a review soon.
    @ Sumitha: I would defnitely come up with a post. Since my exams are coming I couldn't even do the hand writing tag I wanted to do
    @ Ginger: Thank you. Yes, its now a staple in my collection
    @ Anju: But that goes off in a white. But I make it a point to blend it in very carefully.
    @ Bhumika: I am wearing both. This one is better in summer for oilies, but the Lakme one is better in winter. I am a regular compact wearer now. Oily skin na

  7. lakme's perfect radiance compact too is of same price and for some time i was in doubt which one to chose?...thankfully now i know!

  8. i have this one in natural. an arrogant SA induced me to buy the shade. i look like a bloodless vampire or something when i apply it. but nevertheless i am happy with it. though i want to buy something else the next time.

  9. @ Prerana: Nice. let me know what you think of them Me liking both. I'll come up with a review soon.

    @ Kuheli: Natural would be too white for our skin tone. :P Do something, just pat a small amount on cheeks, forehead and chind and then in a circular motion start blending. That way it works good. I use my powder brush. But If I do a touch up, I do it this way. Helps a lot

  10. Seems like a nice reasonable product..

  11. i miss the old maybelline compact, without UV protection. it was much better , easier to blend , truer match to skin tones, no whitish cast. how i miss it. i hear they discontinued it. meanies i tell you

  12. @ Debaleena: It is indeed, only a bit tricky to handle.
    @ Of rainy days: No no, its perfect to let us know your opinion. See, I have not tried the older product, but hearing you, now I want to try it out. Even I think Maybelline could do much better with their products. The prblem is, what they sell abroad is a betetr quality . But here, they take up all the marketing gimmicks. many wuld pass of the whitish case for fairness, because thats what Indian women have been taught to believe in stead of embracing their natural skin color

  13. nivedita you are a god sent, just when i run out of posts to do , you come and suggest a review.. will promptly be reviewing the product.. i personally love maybelline, their mousse foundation is awesome value for money and a lovely foundation for humid weather. will review both super soon..

  14. @ Of rainy days: I am looking forward to the mousse foundation. I was searching for reviews on it. Please also mention the shade names, because that helps a lot


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