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Wella Kolestint Hair colors 2/0

Dear freinds, about a month back, I received two of the new Wella Kolestint hair colors. I thought I would color my hair, but when my mum saw these, she was delighted. I thought it would be a better idea to let her try it so that I would be able to comment on grey hair coverage as well.

let me tell you, mu mum has very long and darl jet black hair. Recently, due to age it has turned a bit brownish, but still she only needs coverage at her temples only. Otherwise she doesnt have that much of grey hair either.

Price: 517 INR

The shade is 2/0 which is jet black
what the packet says?



 Each pack contains:

Now, the experience:
My mum put on the pre-colors treatment first

Next she mixed the color and developer in equal quanity. She did not mix the whole thing, because she wanted to do a touch up for trial.
After leaving it on for about 45 minutes, she washed it off and followed up with the conditioner later.
The gray hair

Grey hair

Colored at the roots only at the temples

Here is what we noticed:
1) It smelled very good and not of ammonia, although it does contain ammonia
2) My mum is a bit allergic to haircolors, she gets stinging sensation from all hair colors, still this one cause her only a little discomfort at first which eventually receeded. So, I would say this is milder than normal hair colors.
3) The colors showed up beautifully and did not look artificial.
4) The hair looked soft and shiny.
5) There was no hairfall at all

These points make it good enough. looks like my mum has reached her HG hair color, She said she would use this colors only now on.


Do I recommend? yes, I do. Looks like this is a very good hair colors.
Shall I repurchase? yes. My mum is loving this one

Overall rating 4.5 out of 5 ( because it still caused mild discomfort on my mum's sensitive scalp)

At last, cant resist showing you my mum's long hair which she only shampooes and not even conditions
Have you used this product? What do you think of it?

The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration. But that has not affected my opinion


  1. Woww your mom has beautiful hair!!

  2. the black did a decent job, but my mom used the burgundy which is poorly pigmented. but the plum looks nice on my hair though. auntie has very nice hair. :))

  3. thats nice if it covers grey hair too...
    which is the 2nd color u got? i'm sure u r gonna try it on your hair..

  4. @ Raksha: Thank you. She used to have much dense hair. But prolonged illness has done much harm
    @ Kuheli: Thank you. Ya you told me. guess you are not the only one. May be its the color that mattered
    @ Prerana: Nooo. my mum wont let me. :p plus colored hair need a lot of maintenance which I cant afford the time to do. :(


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