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A colorbar Experience

Hi friends,
I wanted to share with you an experience I never thought it would be like. You remember the haul I made before my exams? if not click here

Well, I got a lipstick free. But later I checked the lipstick was of the 2007 stock!! Eeks!! I dont want to get old products from the shop!!! This had also happened before. This time I got very irritated and contacted the brand. I was surprised that they promptly responded addressing this issue. At first they asked if I could courier it back. But that was not possible because there is hardly any courier service in my area. they got the details of where i got my stuff from , the shade etc.
later I was contacted by they Key Accounts Manager of the Eastern Zone. he got the shade number etc. He wanted to come up rightaway to replace it, but since my exams were going on, I postponed it. I contacted them again, and this time he and another official visited me at my place. before coming they asked me my preference for shades etc.
After they visited, got much of feedback,. I complained about how the SAs are not able to give the right shade of foundation and other issues like the free stuff usually expired ones and so on. They listened to me very carefully and noted them down. They were so polite, formal yet so warm. Then there was a surprise!! They gave me this pouch and aked me to open it
 I was surprised. Inside it these were there

An I Define pencil in black, their radiant Glow eclat illuminating and highlighting pen and another beautiful nudis Rosy Pink lipstick called Naked Pink since the color I had had been withdrawn now.

I did not expect all these. I expected only the lipstick. But these additional products, honestly, made me feel very ashamed of myself. but I'm happy too.
but the fact that made me happiest was the way they addressed this issue so seriously. I think this should set an exampe to all the brands. Ok, I accept, for a mistake, you wont have to give me additional products, but the way they treated this issue had incurred much of my respect for the brand.

I want to say thank you my readers because you have been so patient with me and I would also like to thank the brand for in India, where consumer's rights are always violated, treating this 9 even about a free product) has really really impressed me.

What do you think now?


  1. Thats such a nice experience Nivedita!! :) :) Colorbar people truly know how to take care of their customers..Thanks for sharing it here!! :)

  2. Oh these colorbar people were so sweet about the whole issue...nice to see some honest people doing some honest business and valuing their customers...thanx for sharing the info nivedita!

  3. sayani chatterjee20/6/11 8:51 pm

    how did you contact colorbar?I have lot of issues to discuss with them...I have been waiting for the coloured eyeliners Rs 350(viewed on Rati's blog) and makeup pouch with stuff in it(viewed on Rati's blog) which costs 999 Rs for ages! Also I want their nail treatment back(Yellow No More and Honey Cuticle Oil)..I have heard that they are re-launching it but WHEN??????please amaai bolish ki bhabe contact korli,phone number thaakle jana,that would be great!!! Btw,amakeo old ekta lipstick free diyechilo.I have mailed them so many times but kichhu hoyni..LUCKY YOU!!!

  4. @ Cali: yes, it was so Impressive.
    @ pooja: :) :) Thank you dear
    @ Shayani: I have answered that on facebook. If you want I can get in touch with them too. :)

  5. wow.. that was very nice of colorbar! Respect! good that they heard u :)


  6. arey ki valo! ebar toh mone hocche expired product pele ultimately labh e hoy. :P swatches plz. :))

  7. I love colorbar products! I was glad to know that you got such a fantastic response from the company! other brands must learn a lesson from them :)

  8. awww...congrts on tat Nivedita :D it is a gud sign from colorbar :)

  9. dats actually nice for a brand to do..!! really..
    I have naked pink..its a nice shade..:)

  10. @ Rekha: true. I am just speechless.
    @ Kuheli: Baje dio na!! :P
    @ Sonali: So true. I think this sets an example.
    @ Shweta: I so appreciate their gesture dear
    @ Bhumika: now I will flaunt it. :P

  11. Nice experience :) I myself had a bad day at LUSH, when I was given a Rs. 540 expired conditioner with scratched expiry date :( Although they reverted back saying I should exchange the bottle at the same shop.... but I am short of time these days :(

  12. pero que bien que te dierosn esos regalitos por hacerte pasar ese mal rato... genial por los regalos =)

  13. nivi!!! that was so sweet of them..wish they would deal with the Sa s here they are so dumb and so so 'out of stock madam' always....me love colorbar,but the counters are sparse and poorly stocked with ill informed SAs
    i wish i could contact them too!!

  14. colorbar sa had given me an expired lipstick as a free product too from southcity pantaloons..i saw it instantly there, as i always have that thing to check the manufacturing dates n all..but they told this lipsticks were given to them to give as a free product..what would i say more? I took it..and now it lies in the corner of my makeup box (maybe)

  15. lucky that they got back..I wrote to them saying I get red eyes after using their I glide, noone got back!! Whats the id u used? or was it through facebook?? plz recomment on my blog too..

  16. no word verification!!! yippeeeee

  17. @ Divya: Actually thats the problem, if the people did not come up to my home, perhaps I would have never made it to the store in time
    @ Shivani: That actually also depends on the counter locations. I have faced that even with Lakme counters
    @ Pretty in Colors: Thats bad. I have already coplained to them regarding this issue
    @ Debaleena: Perhaps I could have helped had you experienced this in Kolkata

  18. @ Debaleena: Ya. I thought I did not have it. When I rechecked I removed the option


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