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Natures Brilliance By Sue TM Mineral Eye Color Center

from left; Goldmine; Fuchsia Fantacy; Coral Brilliance,EmeralIsle, Dark Brown Lustre Lower: The full sizes.
I've had these eye shadows for a while. I wanted to try and test properly before I review them, so they took me a while. These are all mineral eyeshadows from Nature's Brilliance by Sue. I have reviewed her mineral powder here.
now about these shadows, I got two full sizes and five little sample pouches. But I have used them to my satisfaction

here are the full size ones,
0175M Semi Sweet Chocolate

008PL Faded Khaki's Pearl Lustre

The swatches:
L two: Full sizers R: In the same order as the first row.
Price and Weight: $ 6 for 1 gam/.035oz
Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide. Matte shades contain Serecite (uncolored mica).

 My take
1) Almost all the colors are very pigmented except for the Faded Khaki. I heard that mineral eyeshadows are usually not too pigmented . But I'm happy as they are
2) The semi sweet chocolate is a matte brown and it way too pigmented and I love it on my crease. Perhaps its the only time brown shadows showing up on my eye lids
3) In order to test the staying power, I wore it over my Oriflame Absolute concaler for eyes as a base, with good blendidng, it stayed out for 7 hours straight until I washed it off. I did not fade.
4) can be washed off with water. So, you need to be careful if you are going out in the rain.. But this easy removal makes it easy to wear as well ( for lazy people like me)
5) You need only a wee bit. a light touch of brush and it gives you sufficient pigments.
6)  They have samples which you can purchase. So you can try the out before you buy full sizes.
7) the shipping cost is not at all high ans starts from $3
8) I tried rubbing off the swatches on my hand with my handkerchief . All the colors came off, but the semi sweet chocolate and coral brilliance left stains. I had to wash them off further with soap nd water. No amount of rubbing could take them off. I was pretty surprised

1) The samples come in pouches which makes it a bit difficult to work with.
2) I think the payment method is only through Paypal. Like most Indians, I would prefer a COD or direct money transfer while making a purchase.

overall, if there is a better Payment option, I would definitely like to buy from Sue's. Even my father liked it so much on me he wanted to buy something for me. but since he doesnt have a Paypal, it could not happen. :(

Have you used this? What do you think about these?

Product sent to me by the Company for review. But has not affected my opinion


  1. very good review. i love the green shade. do an EOTD. it wud be nice. :))

  2. Those swatches look amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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  3. i loved them...esp the emralisle!!good review

  4. @ Kuheli: I would. rather I would love to :P
    @ D Sadie: Thanks for sharing
    @ Dr Shivani: Yeah . Its my fav too. But I'm loving the semi sweet chocolate too
    @ Debaleena: true. I'm storing them in my empty lip balm pots. But then, there are not too many empty pots left with me :(

  5. chocolate n coral r nice..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I loved Sue's Lipgloss Glaze and Peomegranate lip cream.. the eye shadows are really nice too :-)

  8. @ bhumika: Yeah. I'm also liking the coral. but never wore coral on the eyes, I dont know how they would turn up.
    @ prachi: The lips products make my lips so soft!!! I'll review them shortly

  9. me gusto la sombra de color marron se ve muy bonita, lo malo es la envoltura como dices pero que bien que as podido probarlas un beso garcias por el post =)


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