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Hair talks and Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo for normal hair review

Since my last post,it looks like I can't stop talking about shampoos now. With this rainy season on, hairfall is an issue with many, so I decided to share my hair woes with you too. I would like to talk about certain things and then move on to review on of my kind of favourite, rather not favourite but essential shampoo.

1) The Gemini Lass's comment made me at last realize I'm not the only one with this issue. if I use a shampoo for a long time, I kind of get deposits in my hair ( my hair feels heavy not from health, but a kind of different heaviness). And after that I start getting hairfall. So, when I switch a brand, everything goes good for  a while, then I get the same hairfall problem. Then I read somewhere that changing brands is actually logical, as it helps to clean your hair of the previous brand's deposits. This had happened to me with Sunsilk, Garnier, Pantene and recently even Dove. Then I came across Himalaya and the review will tell you more about it.

2) Keep your hair clean even in this rainy season. OK, you wont catch cold. I myself suffer from acute rhinitis. and I am still shampooing my hair every alternate days. Wonder how I'm staying healthy? Simple. I use a hair drier. I have been using hair dryer since I was 15 and I'm 24 now.
No, hair dryers wont damage your hair if you use them properly.
Image source Google
  ( I have been using exactly this hairdryer Philips Compact for last 9 years!!!. Lucky I found an image on Google as I could not click a photo of it)

I always condition my hair post bath. After that , yes, towel dry my hair really well. Let it air dry for about 10 minutes so that the soakiness is lessened. After that I would put on a bit of serum ( use any
serum that recommends styling or blow drying after it has been out on). bend down and blow the hot air ( not the highest heat), and keep moving in round circles.so that the heat is evenly distributed not frying your strands. You should bend down because
i) it would add volume to your hair
ii) the hair near the nape, since it lies below the hair on top air dries slower than the hair on your crown. So, blowing it first would keep you from having wetness in your hair for a lesser period of time.

and also blow from roots to tip, so that the cuticles lie flat adding shine to the hair.

let any mild dampness air dry. You don't have to blow dry your hair into haywire.

This would keep you from catching cold, as well as keep your hair healthy

Now, one of the essential shampoos in my hair care routine. That's Himalaya shampoo. I was introduced to it by an equally Himalaya fan friend and although at first I felt disappointed, I kept going back to this.

Its a runny shampoo with pearlish and pale yellow color and smells good.

Price and Quantity: I don't exactly remember but somewhere around 180 INR for 400 ml.

Smaller variants are also available.
What the company claims?


Now what I liked:

1) Doesn't have SLS in the ingredient list.
2) Mild. Safe to use on colored or permed hair.
3) Makes my hair feel light and clean. The lightness assured me that my hair has been cleaned of the deposits of the previous shampoo.
4) my hair remain voluminous for up to 3 days while with other shampoos I have to wash everyday or on every alternate day.
5) my hair looks darker and shinier. overall healthy.
6) lathers well on the second wash.
7) Its not too drying.
8) not too pricey. Affordable
9) It arrested my hair fall. Now I use it first then follow up with any other shampoo and this method has now got me rid of hair fall issues.
10) Smells good
11) The bottle is sturdy


1) It is not moisturizing, although not drying either.
2) It tangles the hair a lot. But using a conditioner solves the problem in a jiffy. I have also noticed, any good conditioner works well with it.
3) You need a good quanity.
4) Doesn't lather much on the first wash. On the second it works good.. So, if you love your body wash or shampoo to be a lathering one, this might not be your HG.
5) It claims to add softness and shine. I cant comment on the softness factor without having followed up with a conditioner.
6) I would prefer the opening to be a spout kind. but this ones is broad one with a pore.
7) I have used three varieties for normal hair, extra moisturising for dry hair and one for oily hair. The first two has no major difference.

overall, in spite of all the cons, this works good for me as it does the essential job of cleaning my hair without giving hairfall and keeps my hair bouncy and voluminous for days. Whatever shampoo i might buy, these would be my basic shampoo till the brands withdraws them.

Have you used this? What was your experience like? I would love to hear from you



  1. Sure Nivedita, not only you are the person with hair fall :)..thanks for the tips..i had been afraid of blow drying..only in salon i use to do it...could you tell me one good branded hair dryer?

    BTW i tried himalaya protien shampoo, unfortunately it made my hair dry and handed over that to my hubby who is a big fan of himalaya brand and it worked good for him.

    At present i am using fabindia protein shampoo and it is working well for me ( well for time being)

  2. btw as a fellow himalaya lover.. i must say himalaya shampoos are the bestest ever. i use the one in green .. its called himalaya protein shampoo for gentle daily care.. it is simply awesome, takes off the oil and makes my hair shinier. but yes i totally agree about needing a conditioner with it

  3. I am using dive these days but my hair still feels frizzy..:-( will try this out now..

  4. ya we should keep changing shampoos..I have used dis before..found it ok...

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  6. nice review. but i guess this one is not for me.

  7. it doesnt lather properly on my oily hair...:(btw very nice review....

  8. @ Gemini lass: Yes, it not moisturizong, but I've noticed conditioners work better with the shampoo.
    @ Supriya!! Arre read carefully!! I'm talking about that one.
    @ Prachi: I've given up all my hope on frizziness. :p Just kidding. In rainy days the hair's got to be a little frizzy esp for pwople like me who have wavy hair
    @ Bhumika: Good to know. Would look forward to your review as well.
    @ Ginger: Why? I mean you got me curious
    @ Megha: Yes, but you can try the one meant for oily hair. It makes hair softer as well

  9. yo no habia escuchado de est amarca pero lo bueno fue que encontraste un shampoo que te funciona, yo uso el tressemme me gusta como me deja el cabello, y en general no uso el secador solo cuando hace frio y no traer el cabello mojado saludos chica desde tijuana b.c =D

  10. @ Edith: Lo mismo digo. Sin embargo, las estaciones lluviosas son un momento muy difícil. Especialmente porque su pelo se negaría a secas, incluso en 6 horas y por lo tanto, no hay otra opción que usar un secador. : (
    Mi whwn hermana que vivía en Londres utiliza para tirar cohetes Tresseme.

  11. @nivedita - u speak spanish or is that portuguese.. wow..
    o u mean u tried the shampoo that i am using now and it didnt suit u too well.. or is too similar to the shampoo for dry hair.. not too clear..

  12. Thanks for sharing the tips Nivedita, I do keep changing shampoos bcoz of the fact they leave residue :)

  13. I have been thinking of a drier and a ahir iron..but have been scared too.. this kind of helped!
    also, dint know abt the residue thing, but yes new shampoo always helped!!

  14. @ Supriya: Its a cheat method -- Google trnaslate!!!
    @ Uzma: Een I do that npw
    @ Debaleena: Np np dryers are perfectly alroght if you dont fry your hair

  15. please suggest me which conditioner is better to use with himalaya herbal shampoo .. even my brother also face hairfall issue .. thanks in advance.. :)

  16. @ Anon: From my personal experience I liked the Himalaya Hair Detangler and conditioner. Before shampooing, you could use the Himalaya Protein Cream. You would find the instructions etc in my review.
    But if both of you have been suffering and is in an alarming situation, I would strongly advice you to see a dermatologist immediately.

  17. @ Nivedita: Nice to come across your blog. It was a good read. I am planning to switch to Himalaya Protein shampoo for oily hair but was not sure how gud the shampoo is.. can you tell about the one meant for oily hair? off late my scalp has become extremely oily and feel like washing it every day. presently I am using Meera shampoo.. Would you suggest Himalaya ?

  18. @ naina: Thank you so much for appreciating my blog. it really feels good when someone likes it. Ok. I have tried the shampoo. if you can wait for a few more days, I would be able to come up with a full fledged review.
    If your scalp is only oily, i would suggest to go with this one instead of the shampoo for oily hair. I would definitely recommend Himalaya

  19. Lol funny about what you mentioned saying you don't need to be scared of shampooing your hair every alternative day to cash a cold. The key is blow drying!! (lmao) Last thing I wanna be scared of is "shampooing" XD. I love the rain and the monsoon season. But yes, it has its ups and downs. These days surprisingly I am loving the Dove Hair Fall shampoo and conditioner. I just don't like their strong perfume scent but I have noticed that my hair is easy and manageable to style. Yes, I too blow dry my hair whenever I can. The key is a good hair blow drier and a heat protector for the hair which I use like you mentioned "serums".

    You can check out my blog for hair stuff and so on. I just recently bought a new hair dryer from www.flipkart.com. :). I love my hair like you ladies love yours. I can ready about hair related stuff all day long if you ask me XD.

    Nice post ^_^.

    Btw, I am doing my first GIVEAWAY (INDIA ONLY) so please participate and try your luck ^_^!!


  20. for everyone I know, dove initially does wonder, but then people start having itchy scalp. Good it works for you. Hahhaah! please do so. I would like to know more about hair stuff

  21. Depends on person to person. I don't stick with one shampoo and conditioner for long though but surprisingly Dove is working for me the Hair Fall Theraphy one. Haven't noticed in any hair fall percentage lol. But makes it feel good. In my bathroom there's so many different types of shampoo and conditioner currently lol. A good blow drier counts too. I'm currently using my new blow drier at the moment I am loving it. Bought it from flipkart. Great variety they have in all kinds of budgets. Mine is Philips Pro Hair Drier HP4997.
    COOL SHOT, CERAMIC ELEMENT, ION CONDITIONING WITH AN AC MOTER really does a difference. Specially with a nozel attached to it and a round curling brush.

  22. Nivedita hi,this Manish here male-23.
    Everyone tells me that i have a good long hair bulk in volume.I have been using Dove anti-dandruff for some time now.But after sometime of the hair wash it starts itching as the day goes.Also,my hair gives out bad odor if dont shampoo it daily but then everyone says its not good to use shampoo on a daily basis so im confused.However,i have bought home Himalaya protein shampoo with green label.I hope this works for if use it on a daily basis,Also can u please tell me do i still need to use Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo once in a week.Please give me good suggestions on all of the above mentioned issues.
    Thanx n Your blog rocks......:)

  23. hi am suffering from dandruff problem i started using himalaya dandruff creme ,i have very dry hair pls suggest a suitable shampoo for me ......

  24. @Anon: You can use any of the shampoos from Himalaya except for the one meant for oily hair and follow up with a conditioner avoiding the roots. Hope this helps.

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