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I'm back!!! Colorbar Perfect Gloss review

Yes!! I'm back at last!! I realized I love my blog so much and also I missed your lovely posts so badly that it was indeed hard to stay away.

For those who are entering my giveaway, I'm not commenting over there as I dont want to space to be crammed. be assured I'm checking all the entries, posts, and tweets and enlisting you. So, I'm not missing any o your entries.
Isn't it such a relief when the exam is over!! Ah! I feel so nice!! So, I decided to start with a lip product as you might know I'm very fond of lip products!!
Ive been using these glosses for quite some time. The orangish red one, I had actually bought for a friend of mine, but I so loved the color that it was so hard to gift it away. Greedy me!! I kept it.

The left one is 003 Musky Rose and the orange/red one is berry Shine 008

price: I dont remember correctly but somewhere around 150 bucks.
Quantity: 6ml
Ingredients: Not listed
What the company claims: nothing.

In fact these days I did not locate it in the cosmetics shops. Is this line withdrawn? can anybody illuminate me on this?
The pink one is my first product from Color Bar

Now,  What I like:
1) very affordable.
2) The colors range from browns to pinks.
3) The packaging is quite sturdy and does not leak even if stored slantwise.
4) Has doe-foot applicator which I love. I prefer doe-foots more than brushes as it ensures and even application.
5) the colors initially loks artificial but then sets like its b=natural however bright it is.
6) Nicely pigmented.
7) Has mild vanilla fragrance.
 8) lasts a long time
What I don't like:
1) The staying power is just too bad, But for me the fun of wearing a lipcolor is in its reapplication
2) Some shades might look whitish on dark skin tones. but overall you can fins a shade for almost every skin tone.

overall its a very nice lipcolor and I would definitely hoard up if I find the shades again.

have you used this? what do you think of it?

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  1. both the shades are just awesome. i want one now. :P

  2. :P :P yeah, They are so worth checking out

  3. wowww..Welcome back sweetie...I really missed you. By the way how are you? Love the shades of glosses...keep writing xx

  4. @ Raksha: Awww. Thank you dear. I'm good. Post exam dark circles, rough skin etc etc, hvae to fix myself now :P

  5. like the pink one...though i didnt find the range "glossy" but creamier....n Welcome back...hope ur xam went well :)

  6. @ pooja: Thats why they give a natural look inspoite of the colors.
    hey thank you. the exams... dont ask!!!

  7. both the shades are amazing !! i realy want to try berry shine !!

  8. U knw I so tried searching dis..I guess its discontinued..wanted to try them.
    enjoy ur freedom !!

  9. Hi there, thanks for joining my beauty give-away :D I'm following u back now ;)

    I will check out your give-away as well.
    -X- Eva

  10. Hi, nice colors, i want the pink one :)
    will check them out...

  11. Welcome back Nivedita! Both the shades are gorgeous :)

  12. Love the shades :) thanks for sharing.

  13. Lipglosses barely last long yaar!! I just reviwed maybelline watershine, pretty shades but again no lasting power.. But for 150 I am prepared for that :)

  14. @ Deeptima: I have a wekness for the berry shine
    @ bhumika: Even I think so. Recently I could not locate these at the counters any more
    @ Indgal: Sure. Its very beautiful
    @ Uzma: Thank you. I missed you so much
    @ Sarah: :) :)
    @ debaleena: I used watershines, the choc choc used to stay for quite a long time. But then, yeah, they wont last long as the lippies do

  15. hey u r back :) i hae never tried colorbar glosses i am kind of obsessed with Loreal one ..:( might give them a try :)

  16. wel well well
    hw cn dis lady forget red :D


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