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Lakme Sunexpert SPF 50 PA +++

 You all must be knowing my obsession for sunscreens. I have heavy pigmentation around my eyes and top of cheek bones which makes me feel very consciious. For people who dont know, they never notice and passes off everything for dark circles. So when I'm wearing a foundation, hiding the imperfections perfectly, I'm good. I so wish I could just make them go away giving me the long rested look. Also this is the 1000th time I'm telling you I use sunscreens from chemists's. Never the less, I always buy sunscreens fir emergencies, like if I have to stay out through out the day and cant carry my big bottle etc. Last few years I have been giving Lakme sunscreens a miss, because they did not have PA +++ and did nothing for my skin. This time, seeing the high SPF and also the PA factors, I decided to give this range a try and here is my review

Price: 50 ml for 250 INR and also the pump one which comes for 30ml at 350INR

Click on the image to see bigger impression
What the company claims:



What I found:

Like you, I as confused why 50 ml comes at 250 INR and 30ml at 350 INR. At first I thought the 30 ml one might be a gel one or something. But no. Its the same. So I asked the company and they say that since the 30 ml one comes in a pump bottle, its more expensive.

Its a thick lotion which is hard to blend and would leave a whitish cast if not blended properly. Even after blending, at first it looks a bit whitish but after a while the cast goes away Although its meant for dry to normal skin, it best suited my oily skin and I'm sure dry skinned ladies would definitely hate it

Now, the dissection:
1) It suited my oily skin perfectly. My skin tends to become shiny within an hour or so, but this kept my skin oil-free throughout the day ( after being topped off with a loose powder), where as no amount of powder or anything would prevent the greasiness for more than an hour or so.
2) It REALLY protected my photo sensitive skin. The pigmentation appeared lighter after a week or so use although it did not get cured. Once I stopped using this one, it returned. So, yes, it prevents pigmentation from sun.
3) It really prevented my skin from getting tanned. I know European readers would find this puzzling, but Indian skin, contrary to popular belief that dark skin does not burn, burns very easily and becomes dull and ashy instead of the honey bronze of the Caucasian skins.
4) It stayed out throughout the day and did not wear off.
5) I had been in the shower. Unless you clean it with face wash ( a nice lathering one) or a cleanser, it does not go away completely. So, in a way, excessive sweating did not wash it out although it does not claim to be water resistant or sweat-proof.
 More over, I'm in the habit of constantly rubbing my skin with my handkerchief.

1) Although meant for dry skin, it does suits oily skin the best. The other variants i.e. the ones with lower SPFs are meant for oily skin which did not work that great for me. What would oily skinned women like me who have photo-sensitive skin and cannot make do with lower SPFs do?
2) Its difficult to blend. If not blended properly, you would end up looking like a ghost
3) I think dark skinned girls wont like it, because the cast might look obvious
4) I think its pricey. My sunscreen form chemists is highly effective, with high SPF PA +++ and yet the quanity is way much greater and the price almost the same as this one.
5) 100 Rs for a pump added to half the quanity of the product!!! EH!!! What logic is this? A 10 or 20 rupees, maximum 50 Rupees would be fine but 100!!!
I calculated, the price and quantity variation to give you this difference:

Tube Rupees 5 per 1 ml while the bottle more thn Rupees 11 per 1 ml

No way I'm 'buying' the bottle.

The lotion

Look at the white cast
After a while the cast is gone

Overall: I am happy with this product .

Do I recommend? Yes. After  long time, Lakme has come up with a good skin care product

Shall I repurchase? Yes. This is now one of my favorite skin care product and I carry it everywhere I go

Have you used this ? How did you like it? Which one would you buy-- the tube or the bottle? Let me know

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    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
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    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  2. Nivedita...wow 180 followers both at the same time..btw my name also starts wid N --Nosheen...n i m a virgo...done my MBA ,,wat abt u ??

  3. I hate the feeling of oiliness on my face that comes with most sun screens. Right now I`m using banana boat`s sports gel waterproof sunscreen. It helps in the hot humidity of Islamabad and feels light on the skin. You should check it out. I just started a new blog yesterday.Drop in sometime. Looking forward to reading more from you. Take care.

  4. hehehe :P (wink wink)
    i dont like d whitish cast..would pass. love d gel ones better

  5. such a great blog, now i know what to get when i visit India next time, wish i had found ur blog before!


  6. hola se ve que te sienta bien espero encontyrarlo por aca al igual que tu tengo la piel grasa y no me gusta espero probarlo gracias por el review =D

  7. Sounds amazing :) thanks for sharing it <3

  8. This was very interesting. Thank you for posting.

    You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all of the luck in the world (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  9. Thanks a lot,i should take your example and use sunscreens. My skin is white and sometimes i go on the beach without any cream :( but not anymore starting from this year..i'm really afraid of cancer

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @ Raksha: Thank you so much:)
    @ Nosheen: Hi5!!! I answered everything on your blog. Hope to see you around more:)
    @ Pandora's Box: I am already following you dear. You have started very beautifully!! Banana Boat is very difficult to find in India. So we have to make do with others. International bloggers have been praising banana boat so much that now I want to try it
    @ Ansh: :P But the cast goes away. :p
    @Evil Nelly: Thanks a ton for such huge compliment . before you come to India, I would give you a long list of things you might want to try IMO :P
    @ Edith:Gracias Edith. Pero esta vez me venía muy bien y no hacer que mi piel grasa. Yo estaba realmente sorprendido de que
    @ Sarah: You are welcome. Yes, this time its a real hit!!!
    @ Voe: . Of course I need all your good wishes!!

  12. @ Jardelle: Thats a wise decision I shoould say. Even I'm very scared of skin cancer and all. moreover, with my skin type I cant afford to be without it. But sunscreen would also prevent premature ageing

  13. I have heard so much about Lakme sunscreen. Thanks for this honest review. ^^
    New follower. Hope you check out my blog too.

  14. is this the new range of lakme nivedita????i had come across the fairness range:(

  15. Excellent review Nivedita!! :) Me definitely wanna try this :D

  16. @ Shang J: Thank you so much for the compliment. I am following you too. Hope to see you around more.
    @ Cali: yeah. Surely give it a try. I'm interested to know your thoughts about this one too

  17. ki confusing! meant for dry skin but suits oily skin! :P i had a very very very bad experience with the previous range of lakme sunscreen. i might buy the sunscreen body lotion. but nothing for the face this time. :-/

  18. Will definitely give this a try, currently I am loving the neutrogena spray it so much easy to use :)

  19. @ Kuheli: Even their previous range totally failed for me. but you can give this one a try. i guess you would like it
    @ Divya: really? I never tried it. I guess I'll be trying the SPF 50 one. How do you use the spray on face?

  20. hey Nivedita .. I too have this one (in pump bottle) but dislike due to the cast it leaves :(

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