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L'oreal Nutrigloss Shampoo

Ah! I thought after my exams I would be a free spirit!! Nah!! it turns out just the opposite. Everyday I return home so exhausted, that I hardly sit up ( as such I prefer lying in my bed :P)
Anyway, I'm back with my reviews and today I'll be reviewing L'Oreal Nutrigloss shampoo. I got these on offer. pantaloons as holding some kind of sale and I was pretty tempted to try out both the shampoo and the conditioner. It ended up, I so loved it ( or hated it :P) that it took me more than a year to finish up the bottles.
price and Quantity: Rs 72 for 100 ml

what the company claims?

In a word


Its a pink colored shampoo that smells sweet, a light bubblegumish smell.My experience: well, its hard to say if I have liked or disliked the shampoo for the reasons you see

1) I'm a sucker for pretty things, and the shampoo looks and smells yummy.
2) Not pricey.
3) Makes my hair soft and shiny.
4) You dont need a big amount to wash the hair. On second rinse, it lathers really well.
5) My hair smells good after the wash.
6) If used before styling, the hair becomes less dry after the styling.

1) It leaves heavy deposits on the hair. I have noticed, my hair feels weighed down and heavy. In a day or two my hair feels sticky.
2) After a day or two my scalp feels itchy. I dont have any major dandruff issues, but I have noticed my scalp becomes sticky and a kind of fine whitish layer forms on my hair. If I wash my hair with anyother shampoo, it goes away and is cured.
3) my hair remains styled hardly for a few hours. So, what it does, is not really long lasting
4) If used for long, I get hairfall from the deposits.

overall, No, I am NOT happy with this one. But I used it for occasions when I wanted to style my hair and it worked good. but I don't think this is worth it. People with dandruff conditions must stay away from this product. I wont advice this to ladies who doesn't have dandruff problem either.

I dont recommend this, neither shall I repurchase.

This is an old kid around the block. Did you try this? how did you like it?

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  1. I also used this range- my hair felt like I applied ghee :((

  2. whitish layer?!!!! ewww! whats that?! thanks for the review. i am never buying this in my life. :P

  3. Wow. That sounds horrible! I've never tried a shampoo that's performed so badly before!


  4. i tried it and seriously it never worked :P

  5. ami en lo personal no me gusta yo uso el tressemme y me encanta =)

  6. Nivedita, I too had hairfall with prolong use, I swore I will never use this.

  7. ooo..I would stay away..thanks for the review..

  8. It induced lot of hair fall for me so that i finally began use it just for washing my combs and brushes..well most of shampoos cause hair fall for me :p

  9. @ Bee: Erm... I have never tried ghee >:P But I can imagine. :P
    @ Bhumika and Fiona: Yes. Stay away from it and dont get in within a mile
    @ Anamika: I have bought another variant... dont know what to do with it
    @ Edith: Desafortunadamente tressseme no está disponible en la India. Mi hermana lo que le gusta
    @ Uzma: I'm never buying this again too. :(
    @ Bhumika: yes. Dont even give it a try
    @ The Gemini Lass: Even I agree with it. I frequently change my shampoo. I feel using the same shampoo gives a lot of deposits. Washing with a different one cleans the previous one

  10. was thinking of getting this..but you've made me think..but have used l'oreal in the past and actually suited me very well..then switched to dove..

  11. @gemini lass - i use sunsilk yellow to wash my combs, brushes occassionally feet..

    @nivedita - if you get the deposits wala issue, that i do too, i would reccommend a clarifying wash with some ritha -shikakai water. both these powders are sold by Banjara's or your grocery store might keep these in the unpowdered form. just boil some water and add powder, or the whole thing. let it sit for 20- 30 mins. then massage onto your hair and scalp and leave for five minutes. wash this off. i find this truly effective to deal with deposits on my scalp and hair. if you want conditioning treatment, try amla shikakai.

  12. pearl protein comes from fish scales... maybe thats why... all the pearl essence stuff in cosmetics comes from fish scales not pearls.. :)


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