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Yardley of London deodorant -Review

This is summer bordering to monsoon. So, I think I should review more deodorants. Almost a month back I received this big pack which gives me the opportunity for this review.
Honestly, I'm much of a perfume person and I'm not a big fan of deos. Mostly because I dont have major body odor issues, second, I love to smell good throughout the day.
Frankly I have heard much about Yardley, but I would have never tried them unless given this opportunity to review chiefly because I don't buy much deo. But after trying this on, well I'm impressed.

A closer look

Price and Quantity: 150 INR for  150 ml ( I dont find this expensive)

What the company claims?

 And the English Rose

My experience:
Frankly I did not know Yardley is this old ( almost 200 years) which made me think about it. Well, although royal claims do not impress democratic people like me, still it made me take a second look at this because a brand cannot exist for 200 years or with a kind of royal tag unless it lives upto its claim. I used it for sometime to find more about it , and although I'm not a big fan of floral scents , here are my thoughts;

Its hard to describe a smell and we still dont have the option on blogger so that I can swatch a smell. :P
The English Rose smells like English Rose with a musky note and Lavender like lavender ( I dont know how to put it :P)

1) The scents are intense and deep, not overwhelming. I hate overwhelming scents as they always remind me of cheap perfume. I don't mean cheap in terms of price, but in terms of taste, like those people without any taste who would bathe in a pool of strong perfume ( I dont intend to be mean although I know I sound so. Actually this is one of my pet peeves).
2) Although the scents are floral, I found them a kind of sweet and musky which I liked.
3) Although the scent was gone after about 2 hours, there was a lingering smell on my body for hours after ( I'm sure your spouses would love that :P)
4) Decently priced and a good quanity.
5) The packaging looks classy.
6) The nozzle neck is sealed. Tamper-poof package ensures no use at shop level.

1) It contains alcohol which might be too string for sensitive skin.

Overall, I'm quite liking the deos.

Shall I repurchase? Yes.Although not a deo addicts as I told you and not a big fan of floral scents, this product and the scents have impressed me. I would definitely like to try out the other variants as well.

Have you tried these  products? What did you think of it?

Product sent to me by the PR/Company. But this has not affected my review


  1. I love the Lavender one - I wear it everyday :)

  2. +1 for the yardley lavender deo. Do try the SECRET range of gel deodrants if its available in your part of the world. Its really really great. Do visit my blog whenever you have the time, I just started today. Thanks.

  3. @ Tanveer: Thats nice. I'm in a dilemma which one to like more.
    @ Pandora's Box" Unfortuantely its nor available yet. Hope someday it is being launched here

  4. sayani chatterjee30/6/11 12:37 am

    where would u find these in kolkata?

  5. 'your spouses would love that'? hehehe. :P i am buying one next for sure. im a huge deo addict and i buy and try different deos all the time. :P


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