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An announcement please

I dont know what to say but I want to apologize. I wanted the last day of my giveaway to be actually June 30th and by mistake put it down to July 30.
So when I declared the winner my dear friend Prerana pointed it out. I am so sorry. But since the winner has not contacted me and its only a few hours before 48 hours get over and if she does not respond withing this time, I will extend the date to July 10th,2011  and no mistakes now.

I understand this is a too big mistake to commit at least when it comes to giveaway, I apologize and hope becasue of all the love you have showered upon me you would be considerate this time


  1. u know i noticed dat too..but dan i thought may be i need to get my eyes checked!

  2. @ Raksha: Thanks for being supportive. :)
    @ Ansh: No rather I needed to get my head checked :P I should do something with my sieve-like memory

  3. It's an honest mistake so don't worry about it too much. I'm super scatter brained so I can understand what you must be feeling. And I've messed up worse at work, so don't worry.

  4. It great that they - she or he doesnt contact you, so you doesnt have to be sad!

  5. ya I did feel sumthg different..bt den I thot u wud have changed..
    thats ok re..happens..chill :)

  6. it's ok, we all understand :) <3

  7. wow.. i even edited my blog saying ur giveaway has ended :) changed it now after reading thus :)

  8. visit my blog wen u find time :) http://makeupnbeautyreview.blogspot.com/


  9. @ Poohkie: Thank you dear for the support
    @ Cookie: She contacted and I'm actually glad that she did, because I wanted my first giveaway to be a successful one. :) But no worries, I'll be hosting one shortly
    @Bhumi and Sarah: Thank you for the support. Even I wonder how I could be so dumb!!
    @ Rekha: Thank you for sharing your link. Following you now. I love following good blogs


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