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Garnier Gentle Soothing Facewash

Are you fond of facewashes? Do you have any particluar weaknesses for them? Well, I do. This has become my recent obsession.On a second thought,since I had developed a few acne marks recently, I feel like I want to wash them off clean!! Moreover, I have a weakness for gels-- colored or transparent-- doesn't matter.
I was visiting my friend after a long hectic day. I wanted to cleanse my face and freshen up. So I promptly hopped into a store ( well my friend does have facewashes, but somehow I don't always feel like borrowing) and when I saw this green tube I was pretty tempted.
But temptation leads to fall and I had a fall!! This is one of the worst facewashes IMO!!!

Priced around 70 INR for around 100gm, this is comparatively cheap. ( the precise reason for purchasing this).

What the face wash claims?

Composition and usage::

My take:

What I liked:
1) It is cheap and a good quantity for the price.
2) The packaging is nice and won't easily leak. The screw on cap is pretty sturdy.
3) It had mild fragrance. Nothing very much discernible. good for people with strong olfactories.
4) It doesn't dry out the skin.
5) It freshen up instantly unless your skin is very oily
6) It looks very nice. A clear transparent gel!!!

1) It totally failed for my oily skin. It does NOT effectively removes the oil from the skin.
2) It also fails as a cleanser. It failed to remove my washable make up. leave alone make up, it does not cleanse my skin properly.
3) It is a slippery gel and I felt a kind of film on my skin after every wash.
4) You need a good amount for medium cleansing.
5) It doesn't lather much. I love my face washes to lather well and cleanse effectively.

Verdict: It does not do what it is supposed to do, so any other pro is not good enough to rate it higher. I would NOT recommend this to oily sinned people or if you are looking for effective cleansing.

Have you used this? What are your thoughts?


  1. Thanks!!! This is a very good post & a great heads up...

  2. ds teaches dat always read d reviews first :P
    clickety click ;)

  3. garnier ... never has and never will ..work !!

  4. I wish Garnier could make something better! Great review though :D

  5. u r spot on! i too hated this face wash when i tried it.....its not suitable for my oily skin

  6. Hey check out my blog..tagged u for 5 awards :)

  7. I used this facewash long time back and didn't like it either!! :(

  8. Thanks for the review. I was curious about this. Wont be spending money on it for sure.

  9. @ Gauri: Thank you dear. Hope it helped.
    @ Vanity: Yeah. true. This time I tried to be the leader but well... turned into a martyr I guess :P
    @ rids: I agree with you. There is always something wrong with garnier. but I had used their night creams and that was really good I must say and the only product I liked from this brand
    @ Raksha: Thank you. Actually garnier has so many harcare products. I myself use a leave in conditioner which is pretty good esp for blow drying and stuff. I'll review shortly. But I dont understand why the brands never launch their best products here in India.
    @ Anju: You have oily skin? Hi5!! So we would keep an eye on each other to find out products that owrk for us.
    @ Shweta: Thank you dear. These days I'm getting so many awards. I have to come up with a post acknowledging it . I'm just too lazy these days. :)
    @ Cali: I wonder if anybody actually like it ever or if anybody does, I would like to interview the person.
    @ Pandora's Box: yeah. Stay away from it. there are plenty of good facewashes for the price you pay

  10. garnier hardly has any gud products..I hear the new tinted under eye thg is gud though..the garnier light face wash is nice..

  11. Aiyyo! U NO LIKE? :P I love the smell of this! My mum used this.. She liked it OK cause her skin is pretty dry!:D

  12. Thanks for the wonderful review :) <3

  13. @ Bhumika: Even I'm so excited about it. As soon as my current eye cream gets over, I'll try to dig into it. I have pretty high hopes from it
    @ Ikky: Me NO LIKE at all!! : yes, everything is nice about it except for whats its supposed to do. :P Dry skin people would be good with it, even then, no good at clearing dirt and grime that one would gather on oily skin if one walks down Kolkata :P
    @ Sarah: Thank you sarah for checking it.

  14. I tried a pore unclogging Garnier facewash , that was okay nothing great ... and this one claims that it will moisturize so no wonder it does not work for oilies ! :) Nice review.


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