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Bourjois Bio Detox Concealer

So I would be at last reviewing my Bourjois products. Since our friend had requested a review of this first and also, I have used this product to my heart's content, I wanted to review this first. Well, honestly I am not very happy with the photos, they look dark and the color did not show up very properly because of the overcast sky. I love shooting in natural light, so no artificial light for me and the natural light was not sufficient enough. I waited for long but then, impatient as I am, went on to shoot it. Lets get into the perfunctory part,

Price: 550 INR

Quantity: 8ml/.27 Oz

Shade: No 03 Bronze to dark

What the brand claims? ( from their website)

Anti-pufiness concealer
With fresh effect massaging roll-on

This is the perfect concealer to fight dark circles, puffiness and swollen eyelids.
Its soft focus pigments hide dark circles and illuminate the eyes while the roll-on applicator helps reduce puffiness.
The “ice cube effect” metallic roll-on massages the eye contour area for an instant soothing and decongesting effect.
And... it’s good for my skin!
• Non occlusive, oil-free formula
• Ophthalmologically tested
98.8% of total ingredients are from natural origin
14.4% of total ingredients are from Organic Farming
Eco Organic cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standards

Composition: Neither listed on the tube, nor on the website. but it claims to be 98.9% natural

My experience:

I was very scared of going on the wrong shade as wearing a lighter shade ofconcealer, for me, is a greater make up crime than wearing a lighter shade of foundation. I hate it when the celebs wear concealers that make their under eye area so ashy or fake. The SA insisted on giving me a lighter shade and this time she was right, because the shade is a tone darker than my natural skin tone. Still, the difference is not too great as to make too much of difference and so much the better because it would photograph better, giving it a very very natural look.

This concealer is liquid in a squeeze tube with a roller ball on it. It spreads pretty well when liquid and dries up and sets withing a minute or two. So, you need to be pretty fast. I don't know if it reduces puffiness because I have dark under eyes, but they are not at all puffy. but yes, it hid my circles well. I dab on a bit under my eyes and pat it with my fingers lightly till it blends. It creases when liquid, but once dry and set with a thin layer of powder, it wont budge and stay put for say 5 or 6 hours easily . I wore it in this humid climate and stayed outdoors in the sun for about 4 hours, but it did neither melt, nor crease in spite of the profuse sweat on my face.

You can see its not the shade for me as you can still see the concealer

My likes:
1) It does not crease on me.
2) It withstands humid and hot weather, rather extremes like long sun exposure.
3)It never turned orange on me.
4) Its easy to blend when liquid.
5) The squeeze tube plus roller ball lets you control the flow meaning, the liquid doesn't ooze out from the tube, but roll it a bit on the under eye area and then pat it with your fingers and it would blend in.
5) Although the site mentions only two shades, I think I have seen more than two shades. I have to check again.
6) It is neutral shade slightly leaning on the warm side, so perfect for my warm skin tone.
7) Has no significant odor. So, good for strong olfactory people.
8) It is mostly natural, so good.
9) Claims to reduce puffiness. Our friend Sumitha had reviewed it too and she claims that it had reduced her puffiness.
10) you need only a little. A dab or two is enough to cover the area.
11) Gives a natural finish

1) Price!!! Tad high. but if you compare the product to MAC ( which I have not used and almost bought the studio fix), its nothing. but I don't regret buying this as it fulfills all my criteria including the 'no-creasing' factor. That alone takes the cake.
2) I dont know what the roller ball is actually doing. You wont really massage your under-eye area with the concealer flowing out and end up getting painted with the entire contents!! You want only a dab or two, so whats the point of the massaging ball?
3) Composition not listed. So you never know if you are allergic to any of the contents.
4) The quantity could be a bit more ( or am I being too greedy?)
5) you may need to build up to get a full coverage. Try layering only after one coat is dry and dont rub, try patting in stead.
6) I got the wrong shade, so its not erasing out the dark area and even though its looking natural on my under eye area by reducing the darkness, I cant hide the blemishes on my face with it as its way too dark
7) If my memory is good, there are more shades to choose from and this point would go to my like section and if my memory is bad this point remains where it is as only two shades are not enough to make do for so many skin tones. Can anyone enlighten me? Or shall I hop into the store again sometime and check on this?
let me know what you want.

Over all verdict: I am liking this concealer very much and I think I have reached my HG now. nevertheless, I would like to try out other concealers as well, but I am quite satisfied with this one.

Do I recommend? Yes. I do. I have seen negative reviews which has disheartened me before i started using it. Mostly people complained of dryness. I have not experienced any significant dryness in the under eye area, but since the product turns from liquid to matte dry, dry skinned people or in strong cold winters, you might feel uncomfortable.

Shall I repurchase? Yes. I would.

So what are our thoughts on this? let me know


  1. Sounds great!! Would love to give it a try for summers!!

  2. I have heard gud reviews of it as of now..

  3. looks good.. i like this roller ball stuffs.. its fun to deal with :)

  4. ooh nice. right nowi am not using concealer for undereye, just the foundation the bourjois foundation is enough for me. great review!

  5. Thanks for the great review. I heard good things about it, so wanna try hings about it, so wanna try

  6. Nice review dear!! And thanks for linking me :) even i tend to layer it and gently pat..u've to apply more than u think :D

  7. se ve genial y ma spara el veranito =)

  8. You are right. No point in making this into a rollerball. Thanks for the review.

  9. sayani chatterjee16/7/11 12:45 pm

    Thanksss a ton dear!!!

  10. You should try the concealer from the Bourjois Healthy Mix range - I think it is better than this one :)

  11. never used concealer. :-/

  12. I've been looking for a good concealer for ages.Will definitely check this out.Thanks for the heads up.

  13. Incis are listed on either the uk- or the french bourjois website...it's kinda confusing, but the ingredients are ok in my opinion. I ordered it from asos.com and can't wait to try it :D

  14. Thanks for this wonderful review it is very nice product. coem.com


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