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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I have been trying to review this one product for ages, but somehow or other never ended up doing so. Ok. technically not ages but only a whole because I got this only a few weeks ago. Yes, the Healthy Mix Foundation
I am pretty skeptic when it comes to base make up as you know, all our pet peeves are the SA trying to give us a shade or two lighter foundation/concealer with the result -- GHOSTLY!!! This time I went ahead and warned the SA that she MUST NOT give me lighter foundation. She assured me and well, I
wonder how I could have been so courageous, I put my 950 bucks at stake!! ( Its a big deal for me since I'm no gambler)

When I came back home I took a pump of the back of my palm, dotted it on my face and blended it well and VOILA!!! It simply vanishes leaving my skin radiant, dewy and hiding all imperfections including my dark circles!!! I could not believe my eyes. I wanted to check in the day light. So, next morning I went ahead and yes!!! At last!! I could hug the SA right then!!!

Now what I experienced:

If you are in Kolkata you must be knowing how the temperature was like a week
or two ago. The scorching heat and the sun and the humidity as simply killing every one. Yes, I dared to wear foundation in this weather and stayed out right in the sun for hours. In the mean time I dabbed my face profusely to soak up the sweat from my face, with my handkerchief. I did not see any significant smudging on my handkerchief or on my telephone screen either. I thought the make up must have faded or melted away. but lo!! When I came home it was still there and when I tried to remove it with my make up remover, I realized it was very much there.
So victory in terms of longevity!!!

Now comes my review>

Price and quantity: 950 INR for 30 ml ( yes, pretty expensive)

My shade is NO 54, BEIGE. There were almost 5 shades available ( I think)

What the company claims?

Healthy Mix foundation

70% more radiance and flawless complexion for up to 16 hours!

Bourjois' 1st radiance-boosting fruit therapy foundation for a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!
  • Apricot > radiance
  • Melon > hydration
  • Apple > antioxidant
  • Ginger > energy
Its exquisite glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a flawless, yet natural finish.

And.. it's good for my skin:
· 8 hrs moisture
· Lets skin breathe
· Dermatologically tested

What I liked:
1) The shade matched my skin tone ( Lakme Invisible Foundation 02/04)
2) It comes in a plastic pump bottle. So its light to carry around and not messy.
3) The pump dispenses only a tiny drop at a time. So, no wastage.
4) It gives a very healthy radiance.
5) Hides imperfections to a great extent.
6) You wont need a concealer. It hides the dark circles.
7) The skin looks and feels so soft.
8) Doesnt come off or smudges easily, although it can be washed off with face-wash and water.
9) It's very light. You wouldn't feel you are wearing anything.
10) I did not wear it for 16 hours. But the way it stayed out for hours in spite of all the heat and sweat, I believe this claim.
11) Did not oxidize on me.
12) Did not break me out
13) The shades are kind of neutral. So would balance out both warm or cool undertones without making them look artificial.

What I disliked:
1) The price is so high!! I almost had a heart attack!!
2) It made my skin look shiny within two hours. So, I would not recommend for oily skinned people.
3) The shade selection could have been greater and there could have been warm shades to suit perfectly the Indian skin tones.

( I did not try to kill myself. That's a scar from insect bite :P)

Have you used it? How did you like it?


  1. Good that it works...but pricey!! kotha theke kinechis??

  2. so good re ... aamar to ekhuni kinte icche korche :) but kichu questions
    eita full coverage na medium ?..
    combi skin kirokom cholbe ? like night wear jonne appx. 3 - 4 hrs opdi fresh thakbe ?

  3. Thank you for the review!! I tried this on once and it had a nice smell. But I don't like fragranced face products :$

  4. I love this foundation! Almost perfect for me :)

  5. Hey Nivedita I have tagged in my blog post :


    do check it :)

  6. Great review. This foundation sounds wonderful. It`s evident from the pic that you have found your perfect shade.

  7. Nice review Nivedita..but it makes skin oily after 2 hours!! :( not for me!!

  8. heyyy!! even you liked it, great review!

  9. @ Pooja G: Camac Street Pantaloons. Okhane besh bhalo collection achhe. Gele janash kemon laglo
    @ Shreya: Eta mediumer cheye arektu beshi coverage diyechhe. 4/5 ghanta keno tar oneeek beshi fresh thakbe. Amar actually exactly oily hoyni, shiny hoye gechhilo, teler ghani hole ja hoy. But combination skiner jonyo kono problemeito howa uchit noy IMO.
    @ deerest: I didnt have issue with the fragrance. No no complaint in that forte. Moreover, it disappeared withing a few minutes, But then, of course it's your preference. Which foundie would you recommend?
    @ Tanveer: I forgot to mention int he post, I actually got to know of it through your blogpost only!! Thank you for having shared it. Its really amazing. The way it holds up even on my oily skin is something I find extraordinary!!
    @ Cali: To be correct it actually made my face look shiny, but not exactly oily.
    @ Ginger: yes dear. Thank you. I saw the post you did. But was going through a rough time , so was not in the mood to comment though I greatly appreciated it. How have you been?

  10. wow! sounds sooo good! but the shade selection seems to be too less and it makes skin oily within 2-3 hrs!! then i should think thrice before purchasing this. Thanks for the review nivedita :-))

  11. it looks like a great foundation for hot and humid places .. !!


  12. oh wow u got this...say thanks 2 me :P
    i'm gonna get ds now!!

  13. I have been reading so many good reviews of this particular product .... its on my list now :) .... btw Nivedita its a very detailed and helpful review I must say

  14. nivedita di amio kolkata theke... eta amar blog ---> http://kbbtimoupriya.blogspot.com/
    tomar friend o hote chai...

  15. nivedita..there is a bourjois foundation with your name on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow lucky you...

  16. Sounds like a good investment.
    Beige ta ki darkest shade na aro dark shades ache?
    Plz post a pic of the other shades too.

  17. @ Siri: Just use a tissue to blot it. It would hold up pretty good
    @ jiya: Yes its good
    @ Vanity: True. I should have mentioned it in the post. Sorry. Wait. I'll put it into it. I was so glad to see the counter that I bought it straightaway!! :P
    @ Shalini: Thanks dear. I'm glad if it helped. Surely let me know how it worked for you.
    @ Moupriya: Ami tomake folow korchhi. Asha kori interesting blogposts korbe.
    @ Shivani: Kudos!! You have such an eye for detail that you realized it. HIHIHIHIHI!!! I'm a celeb now :P
    @ MInnie: Aro duto dark shade achhe. I would try to get the swatches dear

  18. I remember the Kolkata weather when I visited there. Can't forget the weather! LOL. I remember I got a sample of this and I used it.. it was scented and not that bad but I'm not the type to collect foundations so I am waiting for my current foundation to finish then i'll see which one to try :P.

  19. @ Crazypoplock: :P What are you using currently? Nah, my foundation search is a very recent project. :P

  20. though i am not a fan of foundation, but tor review pore bejaye lobh lagche. ki chap! :P

  21. i got this foundation from c.street pantaloons today (based on this review)

  22. @ Devarati: really? I'm so glad. but do let me know your opinion. It would be interesting to learn if your opinion matches with mine

  23. This looks like a beauty! I have been wanting this from quite a hwile but not sure if i wanna spend that much! What do you say? I have a dry skin and it becomes slightly more dry during this time (winetrs) I might get this for my bday! Should I? :/


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