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Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

So, you are wondering why I am online so late at night? No reason. I was just feeling a bit bored and I thought why not review a product? As such I have wanted to review this for a long time... but so many reviews to do.. phew!! I was wondering if I should come back with a few fun posts like celebrity make up looks with my drugstore make up suggestions , EOTDs, yes, bug you with them again and so on. Anyway, this time I want to review this little guy who has been in my cupboard for quite sometime and with whom I have kind of umm... a different kind of friendship?

Price and Quantity: 20 INR for 10 gm. That's cheap!!

What the company claims:



Please click on the image to enlarge

It comes in a sealed package which ensures that it has not been used and keeps it sterilized as well until opened. I quite like this idea. It is soft white looking semi- gel like emulsion which goes over transparent. During day time, it vanishes on my lips within 10 min. But when I use it at night in a thick layer before going to bed, it keeps my lips so soft and supple in the morning and enables easy removal of the dead cells leaving my lips hydrated for a long time afterward; I also notice a slight reduction of pigmentation. Well, the lines of my lips are slightly pigmented which is not discernible unless you really watch it close.

The day on which this photo was taken was a too bright day.While recently I'm struggling hard to have clear daylight while shooting, the overexposure has almost burnt the photos. I'm not happy with the photos of my last few posts which looks really dull.

Here goes my likes and dislikes:

1) It comes in a sealed packaging. this prevents any tampering.
2) Its tip is slanted making it easy to spread on the lips.
3) The quantity of the product is good and is quite cheap.
4) The size is ideal to slip into your bag .
5) Makes my lips soft and supple at night.
6) reduces my pigmentation ( although I won't count on it for real pigmented lips).
7) Doesn't have any strong smell. It has a very very faint kind of smell which is so faint that I have not discerned it well enough to describe it.
8) Its herbal and makes no high claims. Just does what it claims.
9) A tube would last you for ages

1) During the day time it doesn't stay on my lips for more than 10 min max.
2) I would have liked these balms in a variety if colors. I get bored using the same flat whitish/transparent color for years. So, although I like it, I'm kind of bored of it
3) The tube doesn't get over easily. I know this is not a con, but I get so bored.
4) The tube neck is slant and hard. So, quite a large amount of the product gets accumulated in that part which you can not squeeze out leading to wastage unless you cut it up and put it in a jar like me.

Apart from these I have no major issues. I actually like the balm.

Do I recommend? Yes. For night time only. But if you have too chapped lips I won't recommend this for an immediate cure. regular use would give you best results in two or three days.

Shall I repurchase? I had already used two tubes if it and had real hard time to finish them. yex, it would be always there with me however I might be bored.

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Have you used this product? how did you like it?

PS: The product was sent to me by the company PR. But that has not affected my review.


  1. dis is so cheap..!! wud try...god I have tons of lip balms to finish :/

  2. This was the first lip balm I tried.. It's lovely actually, but I got really bored with it :P. You know how fickle minded we can be at times :)

  3. nice review and u r rt! thats dirt cheap!

  4. @ Bhumika: Even I always think I did not buy many lip balms, but always find a stash :( Poor me, cannot do lip balm shopping to my heart's content. :(
    @ Tanz: you are so right. I'm just bored of it. Still I always have a tube of it. I think the brands needed to lower their price and reduce the quantity so that we can shop more and finish up soon :P
    @ fahee: thanks girl.
    @ Anju: Yes. even that is an understatement!! :P

  5. When I first read about the cost, I was shocked. Like you say, that's cheap..

  6. Greetings Ladies, this is Bob from Bombay..I am intrigued by this product and recently have been considering lip care...So will this Himalaya lip balm suit me?

  7. Dr. Soraiya Khaliq10/10/12 7:51 pm

    Hello! I just bought it today and after first application on my lips I like it very much, although its cheap but gives good result..
    Before this I was using vaseline intensive lip care but that was not so good even it darkens the lips..
    Himalaya herbals really works..


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