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Lakmé After Sun Skin Lightening Face Wash

Hmm.. summer over, but don't neglect your skin. The harmful UV rays are still reaching your skin. Precisely this is the reason I wear sunscreen throughout the year religiously and I don't think it's too late to review the Lakme Sunexpert Range now.

I used to be a religious user of Lakme sunscreen. but two or three years ago, I found that they were not doing anything for my skin and I went for medicated one. This year, with the launch of Sunexpert range, I have become optimistic again, and in fact my faith in Lakme has been restored. After the highly satisfactory experience with lakme Sunscreen SPF 50 ( read the review here), I tried this face wash. This is  novel to me because I had never used face washes which are supposed to be used to cure/prevent sun damage.

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Now what the company claims about it?

( from the website)

Specially formulated with UV filters and anti-tan skin soothing ingredients

Cleanses and soothes sun exposed skin

Deep cleanses each pore

Infused with cucumber and lemon grass

Protects and soothes skin from common forms of skin irritation post sun exposure, leaving it soft, tingling fresh and clean.

For what the company further claims, usage and composition, click on the image

Price:Available in 100g for Rs 135/- and 50g for Rs 75/

Now my experience:

I don't like anything with the tag 'fairness'. I have a kind of natural aversion toward this word. But still since my skin is very prone to reaction in the sun, i had decided to give this range a try. I found this facewash to be quite nice. It is a mild slippery gel with tiny white beads in it which kind of dissolves into the skin. My skin feels refreshed post sun exposure and I dont know if that is exclusively the sunscreen's credit added to this facewash, my skin has not tanned at all this summer. Usually I come back home with burning sensations on my skin ( although I swear I'm not a vampire), this facewash soothes my skin. It lathers well and you need a teeny drop to give you sufficient lather to clean up all the dirt and grime leaving your skin squeaky clean without making it slippery or laving any film on it.

So, to summarize in the handy format:

1) Its a good facewash that cleans the skin leaving it fresh.
2) It soothes sun burnt skin.
3) Leaves a cooling sensation.
4)Attractive packaging. The bright yellow makes it a perfect package for the line.
5) The cap is tight. so you can carry it arounf.
6) Affordable at 75INR for 50 gm.
7) You need only a little of the product to do the job well, Excess will make it difficult to rinse off.
8) No film on the skin

 9) Combined with the sunscreen, it prevents tan


1) I don't find any major con . May be it does not 'lighten' the skin but keeps it tan free. ( As such I'm not looking for lightening action, but even then, the claim does not make a sense). I wish they labelled this detan or anti-tan instead of 'lightening'

Its a good facewash that keeps the tan away provided you use it with the other products in this range. but yes, it does sooth the skin.

Do I recommend?
Yes, if you are a vampire and looking for a facewash that would sooth your sun scorched skin

Have you used this product? how did you like it?

PS: The peoduct was sent to me by the brand for consideration. but my review is honest


  1. "i swear i'm not a vampire" lol.great post. lakme sunscreens have never worked for me. but I think this new range is an exception. will definitely look out for this :)

  2. I liked it too..love that cooling feeling..

  3. Haha, you made me laugh when you said "Yes, if you are a vampire and looking for a facewash that would sooth your sun scorched skin" :P
    - Mary

  4. Loved your recommendation!!!Lol
    Nice review ...yeah agree with you about the product marketing...it should not be marketed as fairness product

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  5. nivedita are from kolkata?if yes can you tell me where I can get makeup brushes,jordana and rimmel cosmetics here in kolkata..plz reply

  6. Great review Nivedita. I myself like this a lot :)


  7. @ Raksha: Thank you.
    @nju: Yes. This range is worth giving a try. I never had high expectations, but it fared way better than my expectations. Blame it on my gothic cult fascination I'm so keenly waiting for the next episode of true Blood
    @ Bhumika: Exactly. It feels so nice after a day in the sun.
    @Mary: Hahahhaa. I'm so hooked onto gothic movies and serials that these days I seem to think of everything in these terms. LOL
    @ Lipsy: Thank you. Ya, even I feel its an insult to Indian women at large.
    @ Anonymous: I can not tell you about Rimmel, but if you are looking for brushes and some Jordana cosmetics, Gitanjali in the first floor of Treasure Island stocks them pretty well. You can also order the professional range of the Vega brushes. They give a good discount on everyhitng. You should look search the Hogue Market ( Old New Market). I know one of m friend's mum once bought Rimmel products from a certain shop. I'm not sure which one she got it from. Hope this helps.
    @ Cynthia: yes, this has , honestly, has pretty surprised me by their performance. I'm really into it now.

  8. Hi,
    Really nice post. I am Fan of Jordana cosmetics.
    I found http://www.coollifeshop.com selling the jordana. I contact them and they now coming with new range of Jordana cosmetics. I am so happy we can try new range

  9. Personal experience on opting for a particular skin lightening lotion.


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