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Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner - Gold

For some time I have been lazy, rather lazy lazy. My appetite of running around of almost fulfilled and since I'm not going out that much, No make up use as such. Erm.. that's a poor rhyme I know, but I wasn't trying to either. I've had this liner for  a while now and I'll straightaway get into the review

Price and quantity: 275 INR for 3.5 ml
Composition: Not listed
What the company claims? ( from the website):
Steal the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading.

What do I claim?
1) Its very bright golden/bronze color and shows up on my skin very beautifully. In fact it is so bright that it would show up on any skin color.
2) Plenty of shades to choose from.
3) Although it looks very shimmery from outside, the shimmers are not at all chunky but very finely milled.
4) Becasue it si gel based, it simply glides on the eye lids. I've never had an eyeliner that goes over so beautifully.
5) the package is beautiful and is not flimsy. Its perfect to carry it in travel bags.
6) It stays out on my oily lids for quite sometime without budging.
7) you can blend it on your lids when its wet to use it as an eyeshadow that won't crease
8) The best part of it is the brush. Its neither too soft, nor too stiff making it just so perfect for application. I wish all Lakme liners had this brush. Moreover, the brush is neither too stubby, not too long, which gives you the perfect grip.

The bad:
1) The color goes on my eyelids OTT or is it me who becomes too conscious if the eye make up is even slightly loud? I would love to wear it for special occasions, but well, not today when I'm going out very casually.
2) Its not water proof. Rub some water on it and it will completely come off. Come on, at 275 and with so little product why can't we have something that would be foolproof?
3) For a NOT international brand the price is just too much. Lakme used to be make up for every Indian woman. I think other brands are taking it over since Lakme is becoming pricey.
4) Takes a bit of time to dry .
5) The composition is not listed. So you never know if it has allergic chemicals. I discourage putting on the testers on your eyes.

Otherwise I find no con.

Verdict: Lakme has Jewel liners which I find almost the same as these. Only with a lesser price and better quantity.. I would review them soon and you'll see what I mean

Do I recommend? If you are up to something fun and gorgeous this is the product for you. if you are fond of only black its not your product. I definitely love using it as an eye shadow.

Shall I repurchase? I would like to get the black which they call Midnight Moon

Now, I couldn't resist the temptation  of clicking my eye(singular) again. :P

I'm not wearing ANY eye make up. Only the liner. Do you agree it looks a bit OTT on me?

What is your opinion about this product? Would you like to get this?

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the brand/PR for consideration. But that has not affected my review


  1. Nivedita I don't think it looks OTT on your eyes... had you have dark circles it would have looked odd ...

  2. it's impressive and much different than the classic black. i am following you cos i like your style and your blog.follow back if u want dear.

  3. nice review nivedita....its not looking OTT on u...

  4. Woww it looks great on your eyes!!!!

  5. nice for traditional wear..I love astral green n midnight blue in this..

  6. I agree with Bhumika...it would go well with traditional wear...not for casual wear! n no it doesn't look OTT on u! :)

  7. I like it on you. Not over the top at all. Will look great with the right eye make up for evenings.

  8. So pretty...this looks more metallic than shimmery... :)

  9. Oooh I love this eyeliner. looks very pretty on yoour eye :)

  10. this is a nice shade, but i wud like to stick to the classic black. :P

  11. @ Shalini: I actually do have dark circles. guess, the light has done the trick
    @ Despina: Thank you so much. Yes, I'm following you blog. the LOTDs are awesome!!
    @ Megha: Thanks. I'll try to be brave then
    @ Raksha: Thank you so much.
    @ Bhumika: I'm planning to get the Midnight Black now :P
    @ pooja: Even that is what I think. Thank you.
    @ Pandora's Box: True and I'm wearing on my right eye only. LOl
    @ Tanya: I completely agree. The shimmers are fine and not at all chunky giving it a metallic appearance. I guess the name justifies it as well.:)
    @ Sarah H: Thank you. Normally gold shades compliment with our warm tones unlike the silver ones.
    @ Kuheli: For us, black is always a safer bet, but well, I do love colored liners as well

  12. I think it looks really pretty on you, but I agree that it's probably better for special occasions.
    - Mary

  13. o it is so not ott, looks really gorgeous.. but yes i do find lakme turning super pricey. and they are not even bettering the product quality to justify the price.

  14. @ Mary: Thank you. yes, more so because I normally keep my eyes toned down.
    @ Supriya: Procey yes.. but well, I actually like the quality of Lakme over most other brands.. so disagree with that aspect. But, for a brand that does not have to pay the taxes that international brands do, the price is not at all justified

  15. I Like this shade a lot, it neither too loud when speaking of gold :), but when used with proper eye shades, it can give a damn cool effect :)

  16. @ Divya: I agree. Even I am a sucker for gold and golds are my most used shades as well


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