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Lakme Sunexpert Sunscreen SPF50+++ Pump bottle

Ok, no need telling me I have reviewed this before. I had bought  the SPF50+++ tube ( read the review here) and since I have already reviewed it, I'm not digging into the details. But well, this time, I want to talk a bit about  the difference between the packaging and the pros and the cons.
The difference between a flip-cap tube and a pump bottle needs no explanation for a makeup and skin care addict junkie. But well, what I felt about the bottle
1) Its a small bottle which holds 30 ml of the product which should easily last your around three weeks with twice daily applicaiton.
2) The bottle is sturdy enough to make it easy to travel.
3) Comes with a cap, so no accidental leaking.
4) The pump bottle makes it hygienic as well as non messy.
5) Its small, so easy to carry it around. In order to give you a rough idea, I took a snap with reference to my hand.
6) It is a plastic pump bottle. So, won't make your bag heavier .

What I did not like:
1) If you have read my previous post, you would know the mere pump bottle has hiked the price by almost 10 bucks per ml. While the tube comes at 250 INR for 50 ml, this comes for 350 INR for 30 ml!!!
I have seen there was much confusion about this price. I asked the PR and she informed me that pump bottles are expensive. I would not pay 100 bucks added to the lesser amount for a pump bottle!! Come on, 20 or 30 rupees would have been still ok, but 100!! No!

My verdict: Well, although I like the product, I wont buy the bottle. but yes, I do strongly recommend the 'product' inside and would suggest you to get the tube to make it cost effective. For the review about the actual product, please click here

So what are your thoughts? Are you game for the bottle or the tube?

The product was sent to me by the PR for consideration.  But clearly, this has not affected my review


  1. spf50 isnt my cup of tea. also me too wont pay 100bucks for a silly pump!

  2. Hello

    You are doing an Awesome Job with your blog.The amount of information(Pics-text) in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject.I wish i could make my Homemade Facial blog like you and i started this blog as a source of inspiration from your blog.I would wish if an author like you could have a look at my blog

  3. When I first read about the difference in cost, I was shocked. Like you say, 20-30 bucks would have been fine, but 100 bucks for lesser quantity is just silly. I'm glad you took a stand on this.

  4. nice review ..somehow lakme skin cre products never suit me :(

  5. this gives a whitish cast if nt blended well..:/
    ya saw d price difference before only..lakme has to set up a proper pricing policy for all d products !

  6. I love to do make-up but never had the idea how to do it, is the most common question by many.And so as a question is which product should we use.And the only answer is natural based products.

  7. Yonka: I'm sorry about the confusing answers you have received. If you want you can write to me mentioning where you live and about what kind of look you want to achieve and I can try to come up with a post about this.

  8. @ Ansh: That was bit bit too strong I think. :)
    @ Phookie: Well while I am happy with the product, I dont see any point why I should spend so much on a bottle I'm going to throw away.
    @ Rids: Our skin react differently. Many reputed brand did not work well for me before as well.
    @Bhumika: I mentioned this con in my previous post about this. I agree. But if blended well, it works just fine for me
    @ Nimissha: Thank you

  9. This would be so useful during long travel.. but too expensive for the quantity... Nice review...

  10. @ Emreen: My thoughts exactly!! Thank you dear


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