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Lotus Herbals Professionals-Rejuvena Herbo Complex protective Lotion

Phew! I'm breathless because its such a long name that even uttering it gets me out of breath. Anyway, I have been using this lotion for a really long time now, to be able to tell you all about it IMO. Before that, yes, my nethodical list
Price and Quantity: 225 INR for 100 ml
what the company claims:
Skin type
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My experience:
I was apprehensive of Lotus, because my previous experience had not been good . I know people raved about it, but Lotus products had reacted on my skin. It would turn dark at the contact.
This time, on receiving it, I still decided to give this a go!! and Look at the photo below to learn my reaction

 I bought two more!!!

This is a light lotion that instantly hydrates the skin, leaving it soothed and moisturized. many have compared it to Lacto Calamine. I do use Lacto Calamine, but I can say apart from the color its nothing like it. While Lacto Calamine feels dry and like some powder suspended in liquid, this is a complete smooth runny lotion. I use it after I have spent the day in the sun and I am looking for something that would soothe my sun scorched skin and let it relax, hydrating and nourishing it.

Now, my likes:
1) It is a light moisturizing lotion that suits my oily skin well.
2) It has SPF 15 which is good because for normal people, you can get away with SPF 15, and at least some sun protection is better than no protection at all
3) It hydrates and nourished my skin, My skin actually feels healthier.
4) My skin looks instantly brighter
5) Comes in a pump bottle. So, very hygienic.
6) The pump is not llose enough to mess up while traveling. So, can be carried around
7) Dispenses just a drop, enough for my face.
8) 2 drops are enough for my face and neck. I have finished only half of the bottle with more than two months or regular use.

1) It has no PA which protects the skin from UVA rays. So, not a 'sunscreen' for photosensitive skin like me.
2) It makes my skin oily after an hour or so.
3) The pump doesn't have a cap. It did have a kind of lock at the neck, but I threw it away because I did not know it. Moreover, the lock was not attached to it, so its very easy to lose. Initially, the pump was so tight that I have to close my hand around the pore so that the lotion land on my hands only and not on every else in my room.
4) Not the sunscreen for my akin. my pigmented patches deepened when I tried wearing this as a sunscreen.
5) I did not see that any help with rashes.
6) Would leave whitish/pinkish cast on very dark skin ( happened to one of my friends who tried it). On my skin, nothing is visible though ( I am medium/wheatish skin)

In case you have been wondering, no, this is NOT a tinted moisturizer

Verdict: Its a good moisturizer with nourishing properties. Dry skinned people might not find it moisturizing enough, but I think it would still hydrate their skin. If you have dry skin and have used this, I would be more than glad to have your feedback.
In fact I got so obsessed that not finding Kolkata in the list they provided, i got paranoid and asked my bf to get two bottles of it  from Mumbai as a back up. Don't call me insane. I swear I tend to get a bit crazy, but not this time.

Do I recommend? Yes! Of course!!

Have you used this? How did you like it?

PS: I located this at a parlor near Hazra in Kolkata and I have been having restful sleep since then

One of the three bottles was sent to me by the PR. But, as you can definitely see, it had not altered my opinion


  1. Oh wow you bought two more...me too love using this lotion!!! Great review Nivedita!!!

  2. My skin turns oily after around 2 hrs of using this..I somehow prefer a matte look..so trust my lacto calamine more or a water based moisturiser like fabindia vitamin E..
    nice review.. :)

  3. bit crazy....i doubt the 'bit' part though...

  4. yes it does make skin oily..brightens for sure. good review

  5. nice review....will try this for sure wen i ll complete my aroma magic moisturizing lotion...:)

  6. any idea if its available for combination skin.. like dry to oily? btw nice review Nivedita :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful product. Thanks for sharing it <3

  8. Hey there!
    Great review. I have used and liked lotus products so I am sure to give this one a try (moisturizers are least harmful to me).
    I liked how you have labelled different products/brand names on the sidebar. It makes it easy for readers.

  9. @ Raksha: Thank you. Yes, I'm liking this a lot
    @ Bhumika: Yes. I so agree with you. I think it would be good for us in light winters. I'll try fabindia then.
    @ Anon: I know who you are. :P <3
    @ Ansh: Thank you dear. Yes, I like the way it instantly brightens up my face.
    @ Megha: Do let me know how you like it then.
    @Rekha: I think it would be good, but would turn a bit oily after a few hours.
    @ Sarah: Thank you. :)
    @ Pritu: Its good. Even guys an give this a try
    @ Shruti: Awww.. thanks a ton Shruti. Thank you for appreciating, you made my day!! Hope you drop in more too. :)

  10. nice review Nnivedita..glad it worked for you..:)

  11. pls let me know if it works for normal skin too.


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