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Oops! I hauled again!!

 I have been hearing a lot of ravings about Bourjois for last..ummm.. almost two or three years, yes, even before I started blogging or became obsessed about make up. My sister had been living in London and she used to rave about this brand. I dont know why I never asked her to get me any products from this brand. She literally showered me with Rimmel and Maxfactors.
Last time when Anamika from wiseshe was reviewing the wet/dry eyeshadow, I badly wanted to possess one. Afew days later I went to Camac Street Pantaloons and lo! God had listened to my prayers!! :p I purchased a few products that day. Next day, with my birthday coming 'his' mum wanted to give me something good. I suggested make up. Panders me as she always, she was way too happy!! And I was way too happy too!! So, here is what I got collectively,

1) Healthy Mix Foundation in shade no 54
2) Bio detox concealer
3) Lip Liner in red
4) Sweet kiss natural ( I have messed up the name . I'll tell you exactly when I review)
5) A matching Lipliner
6) Blusher ( free gift)
7) Khol and Contour pencil ( free gift)
8) Bio detox foundation sachets ( free gift)

Now , let me show it to you in sections

So, how do you like my haul? I'll come up with the review of the concealer first as Shayani had requested me to do so earlier.

PS: I have received more awards. I thank you all. I'll come up with a post soon.

And thank you for wishing me on my Birthday!! I felt so special because all you , I mean you, are very special to me. Thank you for all the love and support

I have a message for Debaleena from Hungover on Fashion:

I have always meant to pass you the awards I received, because I so love your blog, esp. the photography part. Somehow, you always got left out. I am genuinely happy that you did the courtesy first. Thank you so much dear Debaleena


  1. Hey u know wat..wen i saw the first bourjois..i was hoping to see healthy mix and sweet kiss :D awsum haul Nivedita :D

  2. Awesome haul girlie! Enjoy!

  3. Waiting for the healthy mix review :)

  4. hey great haul dear..and you have got so many gifts with your purchase...lucky girl do their reviews soon!!!

  5. Nice haul. I'm looking forward to your review of the concealer and healthy mix :)

  6. Great haul. Love bourjois.

  7. kotto ki kinechis! darun hoyeche! i wud soon be posting my fashion and you haul too. :D :D

  8. lovely haul...me finally able to post

  9. wow! thats quite a haul. Really cool. I would love to try the foundation, do post the review soon :)

  10. awww so cute the message was to Debleena!:) And happpyyy budday week:P super duper haul! I want their blushes cause I've heard so much about these!:D

  11. Wow, amazing haul, plus so many GWP!! Enjoy! :D

  12. @ Sweta: Thanks dear. yeah, after reading tanveer's review I so badly wanted the healthy mix.
    @ Pooja: Thank you
    @ Shreya: I would do that soon. :)
    @ Raksha: Thank you. Yes, this time it was really nice
    @ Pyari beauty: I would soon come up dear
    @ Pandora's Box: thanks. Hope you like the reviews too.
    @ Kuheli: Kobe theke bolchhi post kor. eto lyad khele hoy!!
    @ Shivani: Ya. Welcome back. Even I was getting worried what was happening. :(
    @ Anju: I would review both the concealer and the foundation within a day or two. Would it be ok?
    @ Ik: at last you are back! For some reason I was not able to comment on your blog. May be I was having the same problem as Shivani was having with my blog. Thanks a ton buddy. The blushes are nice and really 'naice'
    @ Tanveer: Lol!! That was the incentive. call me cheapo, I told the SA before hand, I am going to get many many stuffs, so, I need an incentive :P She gladly complied :P I bought the Healthy Mix becasue of you review

  13. hey thats an awesome haul..n coming from 'his' mom...soo super sweet :)

  14. sayani chatterjee16/7/11 12:48 pm

    nice haul....I managed to go for one too! As my skin is super oily I avoided the healthy mix foundation....I got the mineral mousse FREE,also the blush that u got and another kohl and contour eye pencil...ENJOY BOURJOIS!!!

  15. sayani chatterjee16/7/11 12:49 pm

    btw which counter did u get it from ?Camac Street Pantaloons?

  16. hey, i was missing in action for quite some time!! thanks for your kind appreciation :)i love your blog too (you're in my blogroll as well :))


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