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Sigma F80 Giveaway Winner

At last the time has come and today I wanted to select the winner. there were altogether 129 entries. I am too haooy at the response and how some of my friends tried to spread the message around. I want to thank you all and now the winner....*drum rolls*.....

Its Steph!!!!

Congratulations Steph on winning my giveaway . I have already mailed you. Please contact me within 48 hours telling me your postal address so that I can let the Sigmabeauty have it.

If the winner does not respond withing 48 hours I have to select another winner!!!

For those of you who did not win, do not despair, I have another small giveaway coming up very soon .

Thank you for the selfless support you all lent me.



  1. congrats 2 d winner!

  2. congrats gal...

    my name was just above. hhehehe

  3. felicidades a la ganadora =)

  4. congrats to both the host and the winner. :))

  5. Hey Nivedita , very interesting beauty tips !! I am also trying o do something on my blog. Please take a

    look at www.nextinvogue.blogspot.com

    thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. @ Ansh: I guess the winner is saying thank you to you too. :P
    @ Eve-O-Lution: true. Even I noticed it Hope you win in th next giveaway
    @ Edith: :)
    @ Kuheli: Thank you so much dear :)
    @ Shadab: Thank you
    @ Pritu: Thanks you for appreciating. You have also started very well

  7. COngrats to Steph!
    And congrats to you Nivedita for holding a successful giveaway.

  8. but this giveaway was open till 30th july na?? i'm confused!!


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