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Whats in my make-up bag ?

I'm very excited because I thought this would be fun. These days I'm so staying out throughout the day that I'm carrying a little kit with me.

In my opinion this kit is very handy and versatile in the sense you can use it to do looks that would go with any dress and any purpose.
Here is my tiny kit

I have put the pen in order to show you how small the bag is. Its actually a pencil bag, so you can fit it into any bags you are carrying, even in your side bag ( unless its a tiny one).
Now, what have I got inside?
oh no!! Don't underestimate it.

Now, I'll show you the products I have got.

Lakme Sunscreen SPF 30+ : I know this should come under skin care bag, but the reason I put it inside is, I always wear a sunscreen during day time. Since this cream is a bit moisturizing as well, for me it has dual function-- protection and hydrating before putting on make up. The little tube is easy to carry. So, all the more reasons to slip it into my bag.

Bourjois Concealer: Its perfectly hides my under eye circles ( yes I'm a panda) and also a few minor blemishes that I might need to hide.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact: After using the cream, this one ensures that  my skin looks even. I did not include foundation because you can not wear foundation during hot summer days ( at least for oilies like me). But I need something that will make do in all weather. If you are traveling you want to shed all the things that you can afford to .

As for the eyes,
Colorbar I-glide eye pencil:  I love black and black would go with any outfit. This one also stays put without a budge. You don't want your make up to be smudgy while travelling . And, if you are traveling you need something that's extra durable because you cannot run back home to do the touch ups( Check the review here)

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth eye-pencil in blue: Its also smudge proof. I feel blue goes with most shades. And this smudge -proof pencil can be smudged on the eye-lids to have an eye-shadow as well. You can include any shade you like. For me, its blue. Check the review here

And yes, you can NEVER forget the mascara for the wide-awake fresh look. For me its

Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara: Its water-proof and stays put all day curling up your lashes and voluminizing them. Check the review here
We are not dome with the face yet

Colorbar peachy Rose Blush ( will be reviewing shortly): Its  a peachy pink color which would again go with almost any dress brightening up your look instantly.

Vega Blusher brush: Its not too large and is easy to carry around.

Colorbar perfect Lipgloss: you can carry either a lip-gloss or a lipstick. Lipglosses would suit any occasion and any look. This shade I've shown is a bit musky rose kind of shade which goes with almost everything. This one is not overtly shiny , rather on a bit of creamier side and keeps my lips soft and hydrated. Check my review here)

last but not the least:

This should again go in the skin care part. but if I'm putting on make up, I also need to remove them.

Wet wipes come in handy. I slipped in two wipes as regularly I come back home. But if you are traveling you might need to slip in several of these and also carry a complete make up removing kit in your skin care bag. You would want to clean your face completely before going to bed. The wet tissues would temporarily back you up which is not bad while you are in a hurry.

Dry Tissues: Correct your make up mistakes, blot your oiliness, tone down the blush... any beauty addict knows what these simple product can do. I don't need to explain. Just slip in a few.

So how do you like my make up bag?