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Biotique Almond Under Eye Cream

Since I was 15 or 16, I have been plagued by under eye circles. I won't blame it on my gene because until a couple of months ago, my life style was too irregular. Even now, I stay up mostly at night. With all the running round and studies I would barely sleep for 6 hours a day and this blessed me with panda eyes. Because of this, I had started using night creams and under eye gels and creams. About two years ago, Pantaloons suddenly started retailing Biotique products . The SA successfully convinced me to get this. She also reminded me NEVER to use this product during the day time as if some monster would peep out if you open it in the sunlight. It was an emerging brand then and having heard pretty good things, I decided to give this a go.I expected much from this Biotique Almond under eye cream . But this is what my feelings are after almost two years.

Price and Quanity: Around 125 INR for 16 gm. ( Not too sure about the price, but I think this was it).


My experience: This is a dense cream which is not too moisturising. I took a little on my finger and rubbed it in. It did not do anything miraculous. Rather it did not do anything at all. Moreover, it gave me milia around my eyes which took quite sometime to heal. I would not bring this product anywhere near the eye area again.

My my thoughts in the handy form;
1) Cheap
2) Good quanity.
3) Smells good.

1) Comes in a pot.
2) It's thick and difficult to blend.
3) does not do anything at all.
4) WORST GAVE ME MILIA. This happened every time I tried putting it on. So, no mistake.
5) Bad packaging. The lid cracked. The lid is flimsy even.

So how am I using this up? I think we beauty bloggers are getting too sly. If a product don't work for us, we always find a way to use them up instead of throwing them away. Due to the rainy season, I have been wearing a crappy pair of shoes which gave a bit of dark skin on my toe knuckles.Before going to bed, I rubbed a good amount on the ankles and in my toes. Next day, when I scrubbed my feet voila! Almost in a day the darkness vanished!! So, now on I am using this as a foot balm :p

Verdict: This is a crappy product. Goes in my worst buys list.

Do I recommend? if you need a foot balm and not an under eye cream.

Shall I repurchase? Nah! Not at all.

PS: How are you liking this new template? Ansh helped me a lot. this wider lay out is also letting me post large images. Yippie!!!


  1. oh..too bad..thanks for the heads up..liked the wider layout :)

  2. I hate it too... nice review :)

  3. ooh this is better..n spacious!

  4. It gave you milia?!! that's just nasty. I had searched for a nice eye cream last year. I had been tempted to get this, but people I asked said they didn't like this. Have you tried aroma magic eye gel? It worked really well for my dark circles. But you have to be regular with it.

    I love the wider layout.

  5. yes love this layout. and biotique has some pretty crappy products, though some of them are classics i cant do without.

    i once used a sunscreen by biotique, only to have it peel my skin off. but till date i swear by the red sandalwood talc and the chlorophyll gel.

  6. Nivedita You know what it sting eye like hell ..

  7. @ Raksha: Thanks
    @ Indgal: Looks like we have so many haters of this product :P Even for me, Biotique has been mostly miss
    @ Bhumika: Thanks girl. I really wanted my blog to actually look like this. The previous one looked so cluttered. Like some overdone make up :P
    @ Vanity: Thanks yaar. All the credit is really yours!
    @ Poohkie: Wow! I gotta try that. FYI, the Himalaya one is also doing wonders :p tried and tested. Yes, this is so nasty! Even if it did not work, i would have said ok. but milia!!! EEEKS! Thanks Poohkie. I feel comfortable at last
    @ Supriya: Thank you so much. Really? Which one would you recommend? I had used their SPF75 sunscreen and had never come across such crap before! I gotta try the chlorophyll gel!
    @ Shalini: Gawd! At least that accident did not happen to me. I would have thrown it right down my window then!

  8. Sounds horrid. I'm a sucker for anything almond but too bad it didn't work for you. have you tried the new garnier under-eye roll on? I have been reading good reviews about the new one that goes on like a concealer.

  9. I just got a pot of regular aloe vera gel and added some amount of pure almond oil into that now i use it daily around my eyes. It keeps my eyes cool and also takes care of dark circle (though i dint have too much dark circle). Infact it is also good for light eye make up removing bz of almond oil i added. :) cheaper and better solution try it :)

  10. Thanks for review. I am yet to find an affordable good eye cream!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  11. I hated this one too! Used it up somehow & then when the last bit was left, I lost patience & threw it away :)

  12. ha ha...great review...never gona get this one

  13. Was wondering how the himalaya one worked. Will try that now. But is it okay for oily skin?

  14. Thank you for writing this post: ♥ it!!!

  15. @Pandora's Box: Hahhahaa. I haven't tried the garinie rone yet. But have it in my list.
    @ Tanvi: You can go for Himalaya Eye cream. It's simply awesome. I'll review shortly.
    @ Tanveer: hahahaha. Even, I feel tempted to throw it away. But then I tell myself 'waste not'. So, my feet are enjoying it
    @ Sahar: Yes! Stay away from this one.
    @ Poohkie: Its wodnerful. let me review it for you in a few days. ok?
    Gauri: Thanks you dear for appreciating. Hey, btw, where have you been?

  16. Awsum review NIvedita :) I use Aroma magic's under eye cream :)It works :)

  17. Thanks Shweta. Oooh! Thanks for the suggestion. Next time I purchase eye products I would surely get that only. Because Poohkie also recommended it! Hope it works for me as well!

  18. Thanks, will wait for it.


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