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Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser

Do you have a friend whom you can not categorize into good or bad? Sometimes who acts as your best friend and sometimes pisses you off? Well, in real life I am usually clear about who is a good friend or who is not. but when it comes to skin care or make up.. hmmm... I become really confused. This is one such product-- Clean & Clear deep Action Cleanser from Johnson & Johnson

Price: Around 85 INR as far as I remember

What it claims?



What I think of this?
Since I have very oily skin in monsoons and summer, I had purchased this tube a couple of years ago. This itself should indicate how I liked it.  On a serious note, I was looking for a formula which would keep my skin matte for sometime. It did do what it claimed in this aspect. But, even though my skin is oily I don;;t like to strip off all the natural oil from my skin. It actually helps your skin to remain immune from eternal factors like pollution etc. Having washed my face with this I discovered my skin was completely oil free which I liked, but on the flip side, there was a kind of deposit it a kind of film on my face ( supposed to prevent dryness) which felt very uncomfortable. I am very scared of deposits on my skin although I wear make up. So, I am always very careful to remove the last trace of make up and follow up with a toner and moisturizer.
the product itself is very thick and creamy and a little would give you plenty of lather.

What I liked:
1) It removed oil from my skin and kept it matte for quite some time.
2) Removed dirt etc leaving my skin clean.
3) Did not make my skin dry.
4) Comes cheap.
5) Packaging is good and travel friendly.
6) Lathers well.

What I did not like:
1) leaves a kind of thin film or the skin which is not exactly moisturizing but the skin feels kind of rubbery I would say.
This alone is enough reason for me to hate it.

Do I recommend: Not really.
Shall I repurchase? Not at all!!!

Did you use it? What was your experience with it?


  1. i use this when i need some real deep cleansing! and i like it :)

  2. I actually love this facewash, used it for the longest time but then I decided that
    a) I love pump mechanisms n
    b) Maybe my skin needs a milder cleanser

    so switched to Himalaya neem n have the Neutrogena oil-free facewash when i feel a pimple coming :)

  3. I had the same problem with loreal matte perfect facial wash. It did give a matte effect but left an oily film on my already oily skin.Can't stand that.

  4. I haven't used this one have used its scrub..and now i'm using the pore treatment and tht left huge acnes on my skin :(

  5. hmm some how clean and clear fail to work on my skin :(

  6. oh i use ds n like it a lot.. a lot of othr bloggers gave it a bad review too..dunno..but it works fine for me!

  7. I liked the formula of the blackhead clearing scrub..works great as a face wash too..

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  9. @ ZatZ: Even I used it up that way, but the product needed is so small and the tube was so tall that by the time I finished it 9 three years I guess), it almost expired. :P
    @ Keerthi: I agree with you on all the points. Even Himalaya is my HG. but on your reco i would like to try the Neutogena one. I had tried their oil-free moisturizer, but that did not work for me. Since then, I neevr tried anythign else. Looks like its time I could try again.
    @ Pandora's Box: Eww! I would stay away from it then.
    @ Sumitha: heh? I had tried that one ages ago and I don't even remember if it worked for me then. :P I used to have big pimples then and nothing could stop the hillas from popping out :P Then i found Himalaya Neem Facewash
    rekha: Awww. do;t worry. often a certain brand may not work for you which may again work for me. Which one are you using?

  10. @ Ansh: Arre, it happens. I stated clearly why I did not like. but well, for the cons you can definitely claim to be a good product. The opinion varies you know
    @ bhumika: I got hold of a small tube of it and I'm really liking it
    @ Crazypoplock: Thanks for informing. I would definitely like to take part

  11. I ♥ it! I ♥ how it works all day long! Once I used it in the morning, I didn't have to use it for the second time in the evening which is great!

  12. You should, but dont make the mistake of using a salicylic acid containing scrub simultaneously like i did, it made my skin soo dry that i had to apply body butter on my face for an entire week just to look normal..n you should know i have combination skin generally! :))
    I blamed the poor facewash but suddenly i realized what i had done n since then the product has steadily been decreasing, it gives me a wonderful squeaky clean feeling alongwith drying up any pimple rearing its ugly head :)

  13. n yea i just finished up that oil-free moisturizer it didnt break me out but as you said, it didnt do anything spectacular..im getting much better results with lotus ka aloe moisturizer that im using right now :)

  14. @ Keerthi: really? I would really check out the ingredients of the scrubs henceforth. I haven't used that many lotus products after my first brush with it. Looks like it's a new beginning for me becasue these days I tried a few products and all were hits.

  15. btw which scrub were you talking about?

  16. you should try this aloe moisturizer out, it sinks in almost instantly yknow..the moisturizing isnt sufficient for my mother but its just right for me :)
    The scrub is St.Ives apricot scrub for blackhead removal or something, it contains salicylic acid too and is great! I started using it aeound 2years ago and since then even though i read so many reviews of other scrubs I havent been tempted to change :)
    keep experimenting with the post-scrub facepack though...right now on himalaya fruit pack..any suggestions for my next one? :)


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