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Colorbar Blush -- Peachy Rose

You know how I am fond of lip products. I love everything than can be applied to the lips. But, suddenly I want to blush and blush all the time. Since I am not a shy kind of person, you can't get me really to blush, so, I have to turn to make up. I started to satiate my hunger for blushes seriously with Lakme Pure Rouge blusher which I would be reviewing soon.

Getting back to the Colorbar, I had hauled a few products and this was one from it. Again, the images were shot on a cloudy day, but if you want , I can get back with better photos again.

Price: 250 INR
Quantity: 6 grams ( impressive)
Composition: It was listed, but this is the first time I have thrown away the carton without noting it.

What the company claims?
Available in five shades, Plum Brown, Cosmic Rose, Fuchsia, Peachy Rose and Just Earth, the Blusher accentuates the cheek area giving a glow to the face. This talc free, silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.

What I claim?
The pros:
1) The shades are amazing and perfectly suited for Indian skin tones irrespective of lightness or darkness.
2) The packaging is good. It has two compartments. The upper one which contains the blush, can be lifted ,under which, is the next compartment holding the little brush. To the bottom of the upper compartment, there is a mirror attached. So, you can really carry it around and do quick touch ups.I find this real handy

 3) Now the actual product. The pigmentation is awesome!! Its so pigmented that I just pat/dip my brush on it, shake it and then, pat all over my cheek and the blend. If I directly start sweeping it I easily go overboard which would make me look like a burlesque dancer ( with all due respect)
4) The brush provided is very very soft.
4) The casing is quite sturdy.
5) Even on my oily skin, it stays for a long time. It lasts almost all day, if I don't rub my hanky.
6) The quantity and quality, I would say, the price is quite low. A single blush would last you for ages.
7) Oh my! I'm so in love with the Peachy Rose!!! It goes with almost all my attires and also both for day and night, it is perfectly suited.
 See, isn't it so beautiful? Its a pinkish peachy color with hints of fine milled shimmer which gives me a beautiful flush brightening up my cheeks at the same time.

Having said everything now the cons:

1) The brush is too tiny to do anything. If your eyes are very big, I would suggest to use it as a shader/blender brush. I tried putting my Maybelline blush brush ( I find them very handy), and found, the lower compartment id big enough to hold a brush even bigger than it. So why doesn't the blush come with a bigger and better brush which would have made this simply perfect?

I really find no other con for this product and I find this almost perfect!!

Verdict and recommendation: I simply adore this one because of the quality if the product that I got. I stringly recommend this, esp this shade.
I would love to try out the other shades as well.

So what are your thoughts about this?

PS: Lately I have been staying away from blogging because of several reasons which includes, I was freaked out about something, but I am placid again and getting back to my normal life reconciling to my present situation again. Don't be worried!! I'm good now. So, lets dig in!!!

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  1. nice review. the shade looks great. :))

  2. The shade is so pretty! nice review :)

  3. Its a pretty shade, I got Just Earth and you can try it too, its also a beautiful shade. Thanks for the nice review :)

  4. What were you worried about? Look at me!!! :D

  5. packaging is so adorable.... color looks pretty

  6. i really love colorbar blushes. they are really good.the price is also nice.nice post

  7. hi nivedita, it doesn't do anything much for the shine. but I always blot my face 5 mins after putting on a primer or moisturiser.So, that way it kept me shine free for maybe 1 and half hours or summin.It really doe help the foundation to go on real smooth and helps it to last really long.well, the longest I have had foundation on after purchasing this primer was 6hrs and it kept my face pretty :)

  8. Hey nice review :)Have u tried fushcia?? or plum brown???

  9. @ Kuheli: Its great for everyday wear
    @ Harshleen: Thank you. Which one are you using?
    @ Saumya: Thank you
    @ beautydiva: I heard such great reviews on just earth. but browinish ones don't go well with my skin tone.. looks kind of muddy. So I let it go :(
    @Ikki: Whenever I look at you I see a bubbly girl whihc makes me always feel rejuvinated!! Where were you for a few days?
    @ Ammu: Thank you for the information. my face bceomes naturally oily after a couple of hours. So, I think I might have to give this one a miss.
    @ Shweta: I avoid darker shades but Sushcia would be interesting. I bought quite a few mre blushes as well actually.

  10. @ sahar awan: Yes. I actually love blushes in round pans instead of rectangles or sqares... errr... I'll explain it later why :P

  11. arre post some swatches na..m seriously considering dis now. also it has shimmer so is it suited for d day as well???

  12. Hey Nivedita ... its indeed a pretty shade...

  13. Last time also I wanted to get this..it was out of stock :/ :(
    Ders one more shade cinnabar which is also gorgeous !
    n I was wondering what happend to u? everythg fine na ?

  14. @ Ansh: huh? Look at my finger tip!! Ok wait, I'll swatch it on my hand within a day or two. The day light is weird these days, so I'm not being able to click properly :(
    You can wear it whenever you like. The shimmers are so finely milled that they don't show up even under strong light. It only gives a glow/sheen
    @ Shalini: True. I'm so liking this
    @bhumika: Now, I don't wonder that this would be a much sought after shade because I find the color so wearable!!

  15. Niveditaaaaaaaaaaaa: It seems we're doing each other some mutual favors :) :) I was just thinking of a pink blush and had the brands I was considering were maybelline and colorbar..I think I have made my choice :) Thanks to you..
    Only one thing, looks a little powdery..

    You really love Colorbar, don't you :)

  16. @ Debaleena: Hahahahahah! Hugs. True!!! yes, it a bit powdery in teture but trust me it blendinds amazing!!
    hahahaha, these days I'm really into Colorbar. but recently I am inclining towards Faces :P


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