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Faces Powder blush

Today I want to share with you ladies two of my presently most worn blushes who are fighting each other in order to be my favourite. These are, yes, no wonder as the title goes,, Faces Blush. I had ordered one of these from fashion and you. I so loved it, that when there was a 20% sale going on at Pantaloons, I could not help but get another( I wanted many more, but poor poor me). :P

The container is not too big. But the quantity is huge I must say

8g is a huge quantity for a person like me who finds the 4gm powder of  Maybelline blush too much to finish up.
Coming back, these are priced at 299INR for 8gm.

but I wont call this pricey, because the Lakme ones are 6 gm and Maybelline as I told you 4 gm for 425 INR and 225 INR respectively. Besides, the quality... no I won't rave rightaway.
Here is what the company claims about it's blush

The first shade I got was Rose Gold which is very neutral kind of brownish light peachy err... peachy kind of nudish brown... uff! very difficult to describe!!
A peculiar thing about the blushes was that, the shades are not pure. I mean to say, they are either orange with hints of peach and neither peach nor orange, or nude brownish with mauvish and pinkish tinge and none of the single shades.
Here is what my cam picked up

At first glance I was quite disheartened as I thought the color would not show up. but it actually did! It's a shade I can wear anywhere in the day time without looking made up at all.

Next is the Burnt Sienna 01!
Words fail me when I want to describe this shade and I am speechless at the beauty of the color!
Its a kind of bright orange with coral/peach undertone.

It shows up more pink doesn't it? But the color is not. I'll try to shoot some other day again, to see if I can put up a better image. In order to show you how the shades are varying, I tool another shot

A bit more like  the original, only a few tones duller than the real one.

1) The quantity. It's quite a good quantity for the price you pay esp since there is always a kind of offer going on on these.
2) The packaging is quite good. And I like my blushes in round cases. Makes it easier to swirl the brush around. The container is quite sturdy and comes with a mirror. The black casing looks classy as well. ( It would be unfair to compare it with high end brands)
4) The colors are highly pigmented. One swipe, and if you don't tap your brush you can even then go OTT.
5) There are quite a number of shades available depending on your skin tone. Every skin tone would have something
6) There is no significant smell although I did not rub my nose into it to find it out.
7) I sooo love love the Terracota that I wanted to mention it in a separate post as a tribute. :P

1) These don;t come with any brush. ( I'm not saying anything more to explain what that means or how inconvenient that is.) Point already taken by you I guess :p

now the swatches of both the colors in poor light and a bad day for shooting.
I swiped both the colors only once

So what are your thoughts about these? Have you used these? how do you like it? Keep it or diss it?
PS: Sweta's comment struck me and I checked. The shade is Burnt Sienna and not Terracota. I confused it with my Lakme Lipartist pencil


  1. soo nice shades..I'll really want to try them<3

  2. GORGEOUS!! I love both shades. Especially coz they don't have shimmer in them. And 8 gms for almost 300 bucks is quite reasonable.

  3. d pics make teracotta look lyk bite of an apple!
    but i luvd d peach so much

  4. so pretty shades:)

  5. I just got the burnt sienna 1 Nivedita :) and loving the peach shade :) liked the terracotta better than rose gold :)

  6. Nivedita I loved teracotta shade a lot ... nice review

  7. des r pretty esp rose gold !!

  8. Hmm, personally I never use the brushes provided with a product anyway. I prefer my own brush by a mile. These sound like winners!

  9. NYX Cream Blush in Golden looks similar to the rose gold one.. lovely shades both :D

  10. Both shades are lovely...but the pinkish one looks so awesome..

  11. looks awesome..did it give you a breakout? I am a bit skeptical about new producs as my skin is sensitive!

  12. @ Raksha: Thanks girl
    @ Poohkie: true. the colors are so pigmented. I was considering getting one or two NYX blushes from urbantouch. But then, on second th0ought, why not buy more colors of these?
    @ Vanity: the burnt sienna is awesome. I am still euphoric about it. yes, the peach is so wearable as well
    @ Megha: Thanks girl

  13. @ Sweta: Your comment actually struck me. Its Burnt Sienna and not the Terracota :P The color is lovely. Planning to get any other color?
    @ Shalini: Its really a sweetheart of mine
    @ Bhumika: true. Although it takes a bit to show up. Still, it would never fail
    @ Vijis: Even I don;t that much use the brushes. but some brushes like that of Maybelline or Bourjouis comes really handy if you want to do a quick touch up or while you are travelling
    @ tanveer: good to know there is a dupe. I was wondering about nYX blushes as well
    @ fahee: Thanks. These are real beauties
    @ Prachi: you mean the orange one :P
    @ Dazzlediva: It did not give break outs at all. However, i do recommend a patch test. I don;t think it would break you out

  14. hehehe :P It luks different in ur pic :P am gng to check out other shades properly :) i just picked it blindly after Ankita raved abt it :D :P

  15. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Faces' blushes & now I'm fascinated! I've GOT to try this :)


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