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Garnier Fructis Smoothing Cream Sleek & Shine

I have not reviewed too many hair products here. I am not a hair-do freak, so you don't see too much of hair products. but well, I do try to take good care of my hair my way. since I use a hair dryer ( most of the times as I am very much prone to flu ), leave in conditioners and styling serums are my best friend. these, even if they do not always claim to be heat protective, keeps heat damage to minimum.
Coming back, about a year ago , I went to one of my regular shops to get a few things. I wanted a good hair conditioner and my friend Asmita, suggested that I try one of these.
Garnier Fructis leave on cream is not really available in India. but this shop sometimes do import their goods ( and of course sell them at higher price).

The 200 ml bottle costed me around 200 INR.
 What does the brand claim?

Composition  and direction:

My experience:
Although the product does not claim to be heat protective, I noticed it works better when used with a hair dryer. On dry hair, it sits just like that. But on damp hair it works great. Even on wet hair it works okay. You would need only a little of this dense cream for shoulder length hair.I tried straightening my hair ( my hair refuses to be straightened with a straightener) with a round brush and this cream and it worked wonderful. It tamed all my frizzes and gave me a polished beautiful hair look. It also made my hair noticeably soft.
 I did not know that it could be used with a hair dryer. When searching online, I came across videos from Garnier which demonstrated straightening with this cream and a hair dryer. I tried that after I saw this.
Summing up my likes and dislikes

1) It makes my hair soft.
2) It makes my hair perfect when used with a hair dryer.
3) Can be used before using a hair dryer.
4) Reduces frizzes in its own and makes it almost non-existent when used with a round brush and hair dryer.
5) Makes my hair healthy.
6) prevents dryness.
7) Comes in a kind of packaging which is absolutely leak-proof.
8) Smells good.
9) Very little amount is required for shoulder length mane.
10) a good quantity. would last you almost a year even when used regularly.

1) If used too much it would make the hair sticky.
2) If put near the roots, may aggravate dandruff.
3) Hair tends to accumulate more dust and grime and becomes kind of uncomfortable after two or three days.
4) Difficult to find in the market.

Otherwise I find no con.

Verdict: I like Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner a lot. but the use can be tricky. once you get comfortable with that, this is the product for you.
Do I recommend? Only if you are ok with the cons and can adapt to this lotion.

Shall I repurchase? Beyond doubt. I would.

Have you tried this? What do you think of this?


  1. Garnier products dont work for me. But this one is tempting. Will check whether it is available in chennai. Thanks for the review.

  2. garnier as a brand doesnt pleases me..eeverything i triede failed..gud atleast ds worked

  3. Well Garnier shampoos make my hair fall out.. i dont experiment with hair products!

  4. this looks nice..would try to find out..

  5. I had seen this a long time ago, but didn't buy it because I thought it wouldn't work for me. I currently have a hair cream, so I might buy this later on. But what type is your hair? Coarse, thick, fine?

  6. Garner products never suited me as well. Their shampoo and the day cream should top the worst product list. So I was also skeptic. but it turned out well.
    @ poohkie: My hair is medium to fine. Its a bit on the dry side although tends to get oily at the roots

  7. try schwarzkopf hair mousse.. i will do a review soon...

  8. @ Supriya: Thanks for the suggestion. Where can I get it? I mean is it retailed? I'll wait for your reviews then


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