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Himalaya Herbals Lip Butter updates

 if you had read my review about Himalaya Herbals Lip Butter review earlier, you perhaps already know that I did not want to buy the preservative free claim. Himalaya Herbals have mailed me enlightening me on this issue. let me quote from the mail -- '... to you comment on the post on preservatives, we wish to inform that the product does not contain water. Therefore bacteria and fungi will not grow in the product. The product has ingredients like Bees wax that also protect the product.This is water free self preserving formula."

  My blogger friend Supriya from Indulging myself  also told me that it can actually happen. This is what she told me
'hey i do believe the preservative free claim. i make lipbalms at home and they do not spoil if all they have is beeswax and oil and though they are over in a year, there have been instances of them not getting spoiled if they were kept for 18 months too.. it is only when they have water that the chance of spoiling increases. also maybe it doesnt contain synthetic preservatives, but contains natural ones.. much like a home made pickle.'
So, I am also revising my previous review for the sake of people who are not regular reader of my blog.
I would like to thank Supriya for enlightening me on this.


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