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Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip butter-- A solution to dry lips?

Do you love chocolates? Do you love to smell chocolates? How about the smell of sweet milk chocolates and delicious butter?... the kind that you find on delicious chocolate cake icings? I simply love that. I love chocolate and the smell of cocoa in everything...from my ice cream to my skin care products ( apart from orange which is my second favourite).
If you do love these kind of smells, you must be in love with this lip butter as well.

 Yes, Himalaya has recently launched its lip butter and I seem to be so in love with it. I have very dry lips and I am a self proclaimed lip balm addict and in fact my lips are so dry that even during hot
summer days, I have to stick to some rich moisturizing lip balms. Usually within half an hour I reach out for my lip balm, but this little delight seems to be my perfect solution.

To find out why I'm liking it...
Price and Quantity:
125INR for 10 gm.

What the company claims?


What I like:
1) The first thing that hit me was the delicious scent. Its not overwhelming. but well, every time I open it, it kicks up my craving for good chocolates. So chocolate addicts beware!!
2) The second thing I noticed is its consistency. Its not too thick and not too thin and is easy to spread. You can put on a very thin film if you want or a thick coat if that's what you need.
3) It quite moisturizes my lips and honestly, I do not have to reach out for more balms once I put this on or even if it has worn off. So, I would say if offers a real solution to dry lips. So, it offers real relief to dry lipped ladies who have no choice but become lip balm addicts.

4) my lips look pretty nourished.. like a kind of normal which it should look like.
5) it is free from petroleum, silicones, artificial colors and preservatives. Since most of the time we tend to lick off the balms, it ends up in our stomach . I am glad I am not eating artificial things which can be harmful to the body.

now comes the packaging part.
6) It comes in a sealed packing. So, it ensues no one has dipped his.her dirty fingers into the tub.
7) It comes in a tub which apart from having the screw on lid, has another lid underneath. This lid had a tiny flap like thing which you grab in order to lift it. This one ensures that the balm remains air tight. Since it is natural, I think its important, that the packaging should be airt tight in order to keep the product from decomposing.
8) I like lip balms in cute little tubs ( Now, I know it's better to have them in stick forms... I just love cute little tubs).
9) It is reasonably priced.
10) I wasn't convinced about the preservative-free claim. but this is what Himalaya told me
.....the product does not contain water. Therefore bacteria and fungi will not grow in the product. The product has ingredients like Bees wax that also protect the product.This is water free self preserving formula."

What I don't like:
1)  It is more hygienic to have them in sticks. ( although I like them in tubs)
2) I would have preferred variety. Apart from this one, I would love to see slightly tinted ones for day wear as well. No I'm not complaining about this product. I am just suggesting that they come up with more variants.

Overall I do like this balm and I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for something richly nourishing. ( I am yet to try this out in winter. I would keep you updated)

Do I recommend? yes. I quite do.

So what are your thoughts about this one?

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the PR/Company for consideration. But it has no bearing on my review


  1. I love this butter!!!!! Great review :D

  2. I love the smell...and it heals chapped lips within a day..in a few hrs actlly !!

  3. I am so getting thisss!!!:D

  4. We dont get it here!!! Have to wait until I come bak to India :(

  5. Sounds yum! I hope they have other flavours as well :D

  6. thanx for review...i am big fan of himalya products...

  7. This smell so yum...like chocolate/vanilla icecream!!!

  8. this sounds utterly delicious.

  9. wow so many pros..must b reallyyy nice na..but no tint :\

  10. sooooo loving it! its yummy! nice review. :))

  11. have never tried this. I use carmex for chapped lips, but this looks like an affordable and one that can be easily accessed. Thanks for the review

  12. @ Raksha: Yes it is. I guess everyone would agree.
    @ Bhumika: Is it so? Looks promising for winter
    @ Ik: Yes, worth drooling over
    @Sumitha: really? How bad. When are you coming again?
    @Tanveer: I'm paying ( to Himalaya) too, so that I can have my collection :P
    @ Sahar awan: Me too. but well I have had my share of misses as well from this brand.
    @ Pooja: Exactly. perhaps even better than that because of the buttery smell
    @Pandor's: give this a try and you would also say the same things!!!
    @ Ansh: ya. No tint. but that also makes it good for night. but I really so want this in tints as well
    @ Kuheli: Join the clud!! yes, its too yummy!!!
    @ Ammu: I have never used carmex. Is it available evrywhere? I would like to try. Anything for lips and I'm up for it

  13. hey i do believe the preservative free claim. i make lipbalms at home and they do not spoil if all they have is beeswax and oil and though they are over in a year, there have been instances of them not getting spoilt if they were kept for 18 months too.. it is only when they have water that the chance of spoiling increases. also maybe it doesnt contain synthetic preservatives, but contains natural ones.. much like a home made pickle.

  14. Thank you so much Supriya. I really didn't know about this. It's a good information I learned from you


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