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KKCenterhk CUICU eyeshadows and EOTD

Would you believe two years ago I did not posses a single eyeshadow? Hard to believe it is true. Once , I went to a relative's wedding and saw a girl wearing bright eye make up. It was an epiphany to me. I realized I had no eyeshadows at all. All I wore on my eyes was black liners and mascara may be, I don't remember. Since then, I went berserk and started getting shadows. I also learnt to put on eye make ups, thanks to youtube gurus whose videos really helped me.
Coming back to the shadows, recently I am wearing two eye shadows like never before. These are from kkcenterhk website from the brand called CUICU. Don't ask me how to pronounce because I don't know. I had never heard of this brand before but I was pretty surprised when I got them. To begin with, when the package came, one of the containers was broken, but I fixed it to a certain extent. but it did not damage the product so I can make do.
see, the violet one's top of the lid is broken.

These are priced at $ 4.30 for 4.2 grams. Its quite a huge quantity because, usually the quads contains a total amount of around 4 grams of the product.

 The composition: It was written in Chinese so I could not read it, But by the mention of FDA(2008), I assume it is approved by it( or may be the otherwise as well)
If there is any Chinese friend over here who can help me out with these, I would be more than glad.
Lets take a close look at the shadows

The lid-top of the eggplant one was broken, so I threw it away

Eggplant Purple

these shades are darker and more pigmented than what appears in the photo

The swatch is based on two gentle swipes

now, what I liked about these
1) The case is sturdy. In fact very sturdy and classy to hold. I am wondering if the courier guys were playing cricket in order to check how strong the casings are.
2) The quantity is huge. I don't think I would be able to finish these ever.
3) These are awesomely pigmented. In fact this is perhaps the only time that I am enjoying a brown eye shadow because browns never show up on my eyes and makes me looking tired instead. I have been wearing this on my crease with simple peach shadow for the everyday look ( I would post images soon) which is really rocking in my opinion.
4) These stay put for a long time. expect them to stay on without fading or creasing( if blended properly) for at least 6 hours straight.
5) These are matte. So can be worn anytime.

What I did not like: 
1) These don't come with any brush or applicator.
2) Its quite pricey for a single shade.
3) Availability can be an issue as it is available online only.
4) Ingredient list not in English

Apart from these I find these shadows quite good rather very good

Do I recommend? It does everything that is expected from a good eyeshadow. So, I would say yes to this.

Now, let me plague you with a simply eye look I did with these two shades. Don't point out that I have not blended them properly, because I already know it. I was in a hurry to click the photos fast as I  did not wish to miss out the day light.

So, what do you think of this?

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration, but it has no bearing on my review


  1. wow nivedita...the purple eye shadow looks very pretty..i am wheatish so at times the eye shadow is hardly visible. Do i have to apply any base before putting a eye shadow? I am new to make up but i love it. So am keen on being a bit more experimental now.

  2. @ DazzleDiva: Thank you for appreciating dear. Well, a base is always a nice idea. Before putting on a base you can also try priming your lids. As for myself, I use a concealer as a base, although I did not use any for this one as I wanted to show how the color comes up on bare lids. let me know what you do for sure

  3. That purple looks too good ya! :) But its odd how they look darker than what they do in the pan!:P

  4. thanks nivedita...its high time i get myself a concealer..will go thru the reviews on your site.i have been following ur site for a long time now..but the comment section used to remain blocked in my office...But now its unblocked...:) and thats y i got an opportunity to comment!! c ya

  5. such lovely colors nivedita . . . . luv both of em

  6. i liked d purple too..n thanks for the look..i cant do wd dose finger swatches :P

  7. The shades are gorgeous!!! Love the EOTD!!

  8. Wow Nivedita- Super pretty! Lve it !

  9. pretty look...purple suits you...

  10. This is an awesome post!!! The shades are to die for & your eye look is so killer, I adore it!!!

  11. @ Ik: Actually it doesn't look darker. but it was photographing so. Me wondering why :O
    @ DazzleDiva: You made my day!! Now I would really love to see you around
    @Rids: me too. I am actually glad that the browns showed up :P
    @ Ansh: ok ok. Actually, on my hands it's showing up the same. So, didn't upload the photo. Takes too much time :p
    @ Raksha: Thanks you. I love your EOTDS too.
    @ Mehak: Thanks girl!! I'm also keeping an eye on yours.
    @ Sahar: Thank you; I'm so into purples these days.
    @ Gauri: Hahahaha. I feel elated!!! Wait, I'll bug you with more EOTDS!!

  12. Hey pretty shades,like the purple one. Which kajal are you wearing, looks nice & glossy

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    beautiful blog anyways .. I make you my sincere congratulations! :)
    Sorry for any spelling errors are Italian ahahahah
    Hello, see you soon :)
    PS: I love india! my best friend is Indian :)


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