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Lakme Perfect Definition Lip pencil

Well, yes, I have gone bonkers on posting! I am doing three posts at a time. Suddenly I am in my posting frenzy  ( like poetic frenzy?) and I am feeling like posting too many things and reviewing too many items! Since you do not have all the time in the world, I would go slow and appease myself with one review today ( as of now).
I have been trying to review this favourite make up item which has been a good friend of mine for a long time. but somehow, I have been ending up reviewing other products every time I wanted to review it. Lakme Perfect Definition Lip pencil is my first lip pencil I guess. I had never been a too big fan of lip pencils in my pre blogging days. Since now I am makeup junkie, I know what difference it makes to me. :)

This is it, Lakme perfect Definition Lip Pencil in the shade Rose Bud. 
This is a kind of earthy baby pink color which imparts a beautiful MLBB tone to the lips. When I can not decide what shade of lipstick to wear and want to play safe, I wear this pencil either alone for matte look or top it off with my favourite Lakme Lip Laquer. ( unfortunately withdrawn).

This shade again, had been withdrawn-- don't know why while the browns are still existing in this line.

Price: I do not exactly remember, but I had purchased it for some 140 INR. It should now cost within 200 INR.
Its a regular size lip pencil.

My experience:
The pencil is not too soft or creamy/glossy. But it goes over pretty smoothly and a little goes a long way. It stays put for quite sometime on its own and when topped with a gloss, makes it long stay than usual,

Now likes:
1) Beautiful shade perfect for my lips and for everyday use.
2) Would suit all skin tones.
3) Does not dry out the lips.
4) Makes glosses stay longer.
5) Survives through small meals and sips ( on its own, is quite resilient to those).
6) Has no significant smell.
7) good quantity for the price and the amount of product required.

1) My only complaint against this is the quality of the wood. It kind of erodes off if you try to sharpen it. I has ended up wasting a lot before I started sharpening it with my paper knife( I am very comfortable with paper knives and can use them to do almost any kind of cutting. So beware!! :P)
2) While the other shades are still there, I really can not comprehend why of all shades the brand had to discontinue this particular Rose Bud.

Do I recommend?
yes of course.

Shall I repurchase? I would like to buy this shade again. but that's not possible now. I would like to check out the other shades. This mean, yes, I shall repurchase.

Have you ever used these pre- historic pencils? What are your thoughts?


  1. pre-historic :P
    btw did u use d pencil on natalie's lips? :P
    like d color :)

  2. The colors is really pretty though..i like the 9 to 5 lip pencil i use....in rose shimmer..lobbbee it !

  3. This looks really nice. Had searched for a shade like this from Lakme, but found only maroons & browns.

  4. pretty shade..I just reviewed Jordana sexy mauve lip pencil :)

  5. @ Ansh: Hahahhaha! Exactly my thoughts whule I was shooting the photos. I was wondering if the color looks so close to her lip color :P
    @ Mehak: Yeah. That one is gorgeous too. Have to try that one as well.
    @ Raksha: Thanks. Yeah. It's very beautiful
    @ Poohkie: You won't find any now. :(
    @ Bhumika: Even I bought myself a few. Would be swatching them soon

  6. Vow...beautiful..Rose red color is my favorite lip liner color. I like this very much.

  7. @ lip Pencil; true. the color is true pretty not to be adored!!

  8. I like the shade <3
    Thanks for the review..I hv been looking fro a nice lip pencil



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