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Lotus Herbals Kiwi and Grapes Skin Polish

Exfoliation forms an important part of any skin care. but for me, most of the scrubs are failures. Most scrubs fail for me as I tend to break out badly or scratch my acne. But the good news is that, recently it looks like the leading brands are coming up with a variety of scrubs that are almost tailor made for various skin types. This time, I think I have hit on one such scrub. This is Lotus Herbals Kiwi & Grapes Skin Polish.

Price and Quantity: 150 INR for 50gm
What the company claims?
Direction of use:
Ingredient list
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No, I did not play tennis with this. The container fell from my hand and cracked. I was appalled at the notion that the contents would flow out. What I discovered is that there is an outer wall which is detached from the inner wall which actually holds the product.

 My experience: I had premonitions about Lotus because of my first brush with Lotus Stick Foundation about a few years ago. I had frankly expected my skin to break out or turn dark. But, what I actually experienced is actually just the opposite. It left my skin bright and clean. With regular usage, even my mum commented that my skin was looking so much healthy and fresh. So, here is what I like and dislike:

1) It is a mild scrub gentle enough for my acne prone skin.
2) It is herbal and free from tons of chemicals.
3) The color is lovely green.
4) The granules are not at all scratchy and are spherical. but they are effective at removing dead cells.
5) A very little is needed. I would just dip my index finger and take out a bit which is sufficient for my entire face and neck. 
6) It smells good and it is not overshelming,
7) It is mild and did not break me out.
8) I actually like the tub. I love to dio my finger into this gel like green beautiful fluid. :P

1)  Comes in a tub which is not hygienic and not travel friendly.
2) The outer wall is quite brittle. I little trip and it cracked. I wish the packaging was better.
3) The price could be lesser. But for the quality of product  I won't squirm too much.
4) For acne prone skin, you need to go light handed. Rubbing it too hard scratched an acne and turned septic.

So, did you try this scrub? What did you like or dislike about it?

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the Company/PR for review. but that has not affected my opinion.


  1. I love using this once or twice a week! great review :D

  2. great review. I am not that big a fan of lotus scrubs. This sure does look tempting!

  3. i didnt like it at all Nivedita..its strong fragrance just puts me off :|

  4. @ Raksha: As such how often do you use a scrub? You have the best skin I think
    @ Vanity: True. The color is so yummy.
    @Ammu: I wasn;t a big fan of scrubs at all. But I would definitely recommend this one.
    @ Bhumika: Thank girl
    Anamika: The Plum one has a strong fragnance Ana. This one is very mild esp for people with sensitive skin

  5. I second Anamika.. it has a very strong fragrance :(

  6. i hvnt used this but looks really interesting :-D
    in case you got problems with acne and stuff due to scrubs.. this one is really good. it worked for me. :-D


  7. i hope this smells good all the green looking stuff i have tried ends up smelling to herbally for my tastes !
    btw whats the price?

  8. @ Rekha: This variant is for sensitive skinned people, so this one has no significant smell at all. the Plum polisher has very strong aroma.
    @Sahar; Yes, its worth a try
    @ ZatZ; Thanks for sharing. I would definitely try that out sometime.
    @Gauri: If you give this a try, let me know.
    @ Vijayta: Do can try this one safely. Its 155 INT for 50 gm 9 refer to the photo) :)

  9. Where it avaliblea ....
    I want to this


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