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Colorbar Nail Paint-- Blue Lagoon NOTD

I have never been a manicure girl. The chief reason, during my school days I could not wear them and later, I find nail paints are difficult to maintain and I hate chipped nail polish. but recently, since in my opinion, my makeup stash is overflowing, I turned to nail paints. Remember the little Colorbar Haul I had made ages ago? recently, I got time enough to wear the pastel blue from that purchase. Well, I never wore a Color like this, usually because I feel I'm too old to wear this kind of color. You can suggest me if it's ok. This is the first time I wore a Colorbar Nail paint and here is my opinion

The shade is Blue Lagoon. I actually fell in love with the name.
Blue Lagoon

Ok, these days I'm lazy to watermark my image, but thieves, don't steal this, I would find out.

Price and Quantity: 150 INR for 9ml

My experience:

I am not really good at wearing nail paints, so whatever quality nail paint I use, it goes over streaky. This time, it was no exception. I wore the first coat and it looked uneven and streaky. The color looked translucent. I wore a second coat, it looked better, but still I was not happy with the opacity.  After it dired, I out on a third coat and this time I was happy or rather happier.
Colorbar Blue lagoon
See the streaky application.

So, what I liked:
1) The bottle looks quite good and classy. the brush that comes is not bad.
2) The color range is amazing. I so fell in pastel shades from this range.
3) Most importantly, it dries pretty fast, although I don't remember any such claims.
4) it has started chipping only from the fourth day.
Well, these are enough reasons to call this a good nail paint.

What I disliked:
1) Whereas most brands come at a low price, I don't see the point in spending 150 INR for a nail paint and that too, for the same quantity.. IMO, it's pricier than average brands.
2) I am not happy with the opacity. You need several coats to get the effect of the color in the bottle.
3) The should have been a bit superior.

What do you think about these? Do you have any shade from this brand?


  1. Hey Nivedita Its such a pretty shade !!

  2. it is such pretty color. Looks good on you :)

  3. OMG..it looks fab nivi..and its not at all streaky.I toh never get it right :(
    But I am loving this shade..will surely check out..

  4. It is a pretty blue...n Nivedita ..don't call urself old...I start getting complexes :P

  5. you are not that old silly!

  6. I wanted this for a long time, but it was the cost which stopped me from buying it. You have lovely nails btw. How do you maintain them?

  7. I have this n love this..its a nice shade..n the price..well i never got the same color in other brands..so its okay to shell out 150 bucks for a color u wont find that easily..n wid green card discount..its a bit less..so overall its fine am happy wid colorbar nail polishes :)

  8. Its not ur fault!! Chk my colorbar in white on my blog ..it streaked like crazy..I think stheir pastels are really streaky and not so smooth to apply

  9. that is a very pretty color!! Im so sure it wont look good on my short ugly nails.

  10. Nice shade......your nails look good!

  11. lovely shade nivedita :)

  12. my very sweet frnd gifted me this NP n m in so much love with it.....:)

  13. @ Shalini: Yeah. I'm loving it so much!!\
    @ Indgal: Thank you. Hheeheh. I was so skeptic! henceforth I'll wear the craziest colors!!
    rids: Thank you
    @ bhumika: This is the first time I'm having much fun by wearing a nail color. Nooooo, it's very streaky. So many coats made it indiscernible.
    @ Pooja G : Lol!! You made my day!!
    @ Vanity: Joining a language class and meeting the classmates most of whom are younger than me is giving me complexes :P
    @ Phhokie: I agree. Even I don't think I'll spend so much even on the craziest color I want. But I had received quite a few freebies. So, it ultimately became cost effective.
    Thanks for appreciating my nails. Actually I do nothing. But by default I include much protein in my food. May be it's the gene because believe me, my father and I have the same hands!!

  14. @ Miss Pretty: Nice to know. Even I got greencard discount and freebies as well. That's the precise reason I got this :P
    @ Kejal: Good to know I'm not the sole one complaining :P
    @ Tanvee: Actually it wont even if you have short nails. When my nail paints start chipping and I have no time clean up and do it again, I just cut my nails short :p. It's not bad at all. trust me. Only looks like the hands of a teenager . LOl
    @ Harshleen: Thanks girl for the kind words. :)
    @ Rekha: Thank you. yes, suddenly I'm in the mood of funky nail colors.
    @Megha: I wish I had her as my friend too :P


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