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Elle 18 Colorbomb Nail Pops- NOTD

Recently I had been having some nail polish fetish. I had realized that my nail-painting skill was pretty poor and seeing one of my friends Debaleena, wear the nail paints almost what I had always dreamed of, I decided to learn. Eventually I learned that Elle 18s are the best ones around in terms of price, number of shades and most importantly they dry pretty fast.
Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail pops 18 green

I was looking for a very green nail polish/ Although I did not find it in this one, still, my thirst is temporarily quenched.

And oh! By the way, I had forgotten to click on the first day, so this was shot on the third day and still how much chipping do you see?
Impressive huh?

I had done quick review on the entire Elle18 Comorbomb Nail Pops range. Check the review here.

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What do you think of this?


  1. this fall I am into all green things..Hence I love the shade you are wearing..looks pretty on you:)

  2. Wow u have done ur Mani very nicely :-) ....nice shade ... I had a lovely metallic green from elle 18's previous range ...but I don't remember the number now ...

  3. nice shade ... had been trying to get ma hands on elle 18 colour bombs... can't find it here. . .

  4. I looooooveeeee green nailpolishes and this one looks really amazing

  5. Nice shade!! hehe even I have developed a strong nail polish feish!! Did u see my latest post of Zebra Torte? M sure u'll like it

  6. I saw this green but didn't buy it. I didn't want one with a metallic sheen on it. So the search for the perfect green continues...

    BTW, I always thought your nail polish application skills were really good.

  7. @ggg: Hey, even I am getting into this green fetish.but rust would always be a pet. Thanks girl
    @Harshleen: Thank you :)
    @ Bhumika: Thank you
    @ Saumya: Thank you. Yeah. They had a pretty green earlier. I liked that one better.
    @ rids: Aww. Too nad. You're from Mumbai right?
    @mmu: Thanks you. Did you get hold of any?
    @ Kejal: Yeah. Btw, I'm following you. but somehow I'm not getting the notifications :(
    @ Poohkie: It looked much darker in the bottle, but turned out lighter on the nails. I'm still in search of a pocket friendly deep green.
    Really? you think so? Hahahah. May be my camera is too forgiving :P


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