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Himalaya Deep Cleansing Milk

This is a product which does it's job pretty well, but I don't think I would repurchase. Thinking what I mean? Read on

Price: 105 INR for 200 ml. ( no complaints)

What the company claims about it?

Direction and composition:

My experience:
I quite like the formula for makeup removal. It cleanses the most stubborn of makeup including my Maybelline Waterproof Colossal mascara with ease. That way it is excellent. however, it stings the eyes while removing eye makeup and did not work on long stay lipcolors which I have to remove with pure coconut oil.

It leaves a kind of film on the skin ( I think which prevents dryness). This is quite uncomfortable for me and I follow up by washing my face with a facewash and this helps to make my skin queaky clean.

So what I am happy about this
1) It's a good quantity for such low price.
2) effectively removes the stubborn makeup.
3) Leaves my skin clean.
4) the bottle is quite good with the flip cap. The packaging is such that the cap won't get opened and spill over everything while traveling.The bottle is also good.. Won't burst or break easily.

I am unhappy because:
1) It leaves a kind of film on my face which I have to wash off with a facewash.
2) Stings the eyes horribly.
3) Since it is still oil-free, it won;t remove the long-stay lip-colors

overall verdict: It's a mediocre cleanser which delivers what it claims. But I would not repurchase it righ-taway if I find something better than this on a low budget like this.

Shall I repurchase? not right now.


  1. The Liz Earle cleanser is the best of all what i have used

  2. i have just found out your blog. i liked it. i have been using this cleanser for like 3 years now i loved the results. i agree about the film thing on skin and its inability to remove long stay lip colors . worth the price

  3. hi,thank you to your message(I am very happy!!)on my hellocotton page.Your blog is very well.I'm french and my name is Isabelle.Come on on my my blog to tell me hello (bonjour)
    Bye bye!!!

  4. nice review nivedita.....i never use this cleanser for my eyes but it do remove waterproof makeup effectively:)

  5. @ ZatZ: you got hold of it? Wow!
    @ Vijayta: Thank you so much for appreciating. yes, even if I don;t go gaga over this, for the quantity and the proportionate efficacy, I would turn to it every now and then.
    @ Isabelle: Thank you so much. Yes, I am reading your blog as well and greatly enjoying it.
    @ Megha: true. I do use it, but I am very careful not to let it in

  6. thanx for the review i found this cleanser good as a makeup remover but i wash my face after using it

  7. o.O I tried this last year. Don’t know if I'll try again this year!!

  8. Good review dear! I use this in winters. I have combi skin which tends towards dry in Bangalore winters. So this suits me better than a facewash at night. But in summers, when my skin turns oily, I'd definitely avoid this.

    - Preeti


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