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Himalaya Herbals Hydrating Facewash Cream

Most of you who have been reading my blog for a while must be knowing how fond of Himalaya Herbals I am. But that does not mean that every product is a hit with me. The Himalaya Herbals Hydrating facewash Cream is one product which I simply detest. yes, that's the word for it. A couple of years ago, when I needed a facewash and had no time to go to the regular shops, I went to the chemists' which is in the first floor of my apartment. I saw this facewash and got hold of it. When I tried this, I was so disappointed!

A couple of months ago, I had purchased a mositurizer from Himalaya and I got this big tube as a freebie. For us, freebies are always welcome call me whatever you wish.

Price: 65 INR for 100 ml.
What the company claims? Directions and components

My experience:
The facewash looks very beautiful. It's pearly white in color and smells mildly floral and beautiful. But your happiness would last up-til this only. It's the worst facewash in the world. I tried to lather it and it does not lather at all. If you are wondering that this is a 'good non-lathering' facewash, you are wrong. It does not clean any dirt or grime or any oil. Using this is almost equal to washing your face only with water but with the consolation that you are 'washing' your face with a 'facewash'.

On a better note, it brought back a sweet childhood memory. My grandfather, who passed away four years ago, used  a kind of shaving soap ( yes, a kind of soap that that generation used). It had a peculiar fragrance which is very close to this. I liked it so much. The barber used to come for him and do his beard and hair. The smell reminds me of my grandfather and that makes me feel very good.

ok, no point in being sentimental.

The pros:
1) Comes cheap.
2) Nice packaging.
3) nice fragrance.
4) Doesn't dry out the skin.

 I could write an essay, but I'm sparing you the horror by only saying this is not a good product, the worst facewash which does not do anything at all,  there is no point in purchasing this and I see no point why Himalaya Herbals is selling this at all.

Do I recommend?
It's not hard to guess. "NO"
Shall I repurchase? Not at all. Next time, if this comes as a freebie, I would use this up as a body-wash ( a non lathering and non-cleansing one).

Have you used this? What's your opinion? Are you going to try this?


  1. I absolutely hate Himalaya products, they never seem to work for my skin, specially the neem face wash.

  2. @ Sonia: really? That's sad because most of their products have been saviours for my skin and also for many other blogger friends esp the Neem range.I have had my misses too. but then, the efficacy of a product also depends upon an individual

  3. oh thats too bad..most of the Himalaya stuff works for me too..

  4. haha i like reading criticism ;) passe!

  5. thanks for the review. i am not a fan of himlaya facewashes. I hate the soapy cast it leaves. Thanks for following me back..

  6. Himalaya face-wash I have used years back. I feel it';s neither bad... nor good. There is nothing khas, we can say. Lol!

    The only good thing is it's herbal & no side effects!

  7. Nice review Nivedita......I used to like Himalaya products too but it's been a while I used one.

  8. hehe i thought i was the only one finding faults with products but nice to see some real honest opinions! anyways i totally love the neem facewash.. never used this one.. and i never will. :-)

  9. It's too bad it didn't work for you. I've used this too & I liked it a lot. It cleaned my face well & made the skin soft. But it didn't lather if I used the normal amount of facewash. If I used a LOT then it would lather very slightly. Also, I used it during December/Jan, when it's colder. I think that has something to do with the fact that it worked well. If there is still some product left, try it in winter. But I agree that it smells like shaving cream; I find that weird.
    BTW, I thought you might like these 2 reviews - http://poohkiesplace.blogspot.com/2010/08/review-aroma-magic-under-eye-gel.html

  10. @ Bhumika; Yeah. this one is so strange!!
    @ Vanity: Hahahah! I love to criticise often. But since I mostly research before i buy, I tend to go more on hits than misses :P
    @ Indgal: Mention not. I did not know you write. So when I came across and loved it, I had to follow :)
    @ Sasmita: Really? Which one did you try? As for myself most of these are 'likes', rather than dislikes
    @Harshleen: Is it? What are your hits and misses? I'm getting too curious
    @ZatZ: Trust me you are not the only one. Even I had my share of misses, even for sponsored products and never hesitated to criticize them :P My readers are always my priority

  11. @Poohkie:Nice Idea, but since I tend to wear a bit of makeup on my face, I normally need a kind of power cleaning. Nah, this one is a complete passe for me. But good to know it still worked for you and so must be working for at least a handful of people. but I am good with my dear good ol' neem face wash

    Thank you so much for the links. I so needed them. A couple of days ago, I put up my blogroll. Now, I guess, I would not miss a single post of your's :)


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