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Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lipgloss- Cherry Kiss

Yes, in case you have been wondering, Maybelline Shinesensational Lipglosses have been relaunched in a new avatar in India and are called Fruit Jelly glosses.
When I saw on almost every blog this product, I kept on staring at it. I'm on no makeup purchasing phase, still, like anorexics tend to binge, I satiate my enormous greed of makeup by buying myself a little of this and that and these days, by mostly accompanying my friends to shop makeup and give my wise owl advice.
So, I got myself this... yes, it needs not be told ..LOL

I would keep this review short and simple.
Price and quantity: 10ml ( I guess) for 150 INR
Available shades: 8 more. Wait, I'll swatch them soon ( hopefully).
What the brand claims?

The Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Color - A tasty new sensation in shine. Lasting color meets lasting shine in a range of juicy flavors. Go Glassy!

Why You'll love it

  • Unmatched glossy shine that lasts through the day
  • Eight delicious shades and flavours
  • Non sticky nature
  • Superior spreadability

Expert Tip

Start with the center of your lower lip and glide gently towards the outer edges. Follow the same technique for your upper lip.


What I say about it?
Thumbs up because
1) It's cheap.
2) It comes in an easy to carry around tube.
3) Looks yummiliciusly yummy.
4) Lots of shades to choose from.
5) Keeps my lips really soft.
6) It's non sticky. I don't understand why some described it as sticky, but I really found it comfortable to wear. I would describe it as something close to Nivea Lipgloss. ( read my review here). It's kind of oily, non sticky, lip balmish kind of gloss.
7) Stays on my lips for quite sometime. But nothing remarkable though
8) Smells very good . Mine smells like cherries in a black forest pastry.
 9) Spreads on the lips very glibly.

Thumbs down to
1) The color does not show up at all. I would have invested in lip balms instead. I don't understand, if it has no hint of color at all, what's the point of wearing it? May be, as of now, I'll wear it and give it my benefit of doubt.

Do I recommend? I'm kind of in dilemma. While I love everything about it, I don't like the fact that it has no color at all.
Shall I repurchase? One is enough for me. But well, no.

overall: It's a good lip gloss, but the only way it could have been a total winner for me, had it possessed a bit of color. See, I am really in love with this... but... *sigh*

 Now, my weird lips

So, what do you think of this? hit or miss?

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  1. well its a hit for me !! As I love glosses wd lil color !! : )

  2. I was just gonna get this last week, but somehow I didn't... Glad that I skipped it now. It doesn't really have much pigment..

  3. I liked it..but tube packaging is a bit put off for me....you have nice lips!! :)

  4. I saw these as well. I was initially tempted, but they felt a bit tacky & almost transparent, so I didn't buy any.

  5. i love the yummy essence of it :)

  6. its too sheer! so not me! but the packaging is def attractive

  7. nice post.I have this one in grape.it has a bit of tint and it sure tastes yum :D

  8. You are right it does look like a lip balm for a high-end brand. Thank you for the review. I'll remember to stay away from this. ;)

  9. Last tym wen I went to H&G I saw these..lukd so pretty and so wen I asked the SA she said these are fruit lipbalms..no color so I didn't get them :) for once an SA has helped me :D

  10. r u kidding...u have beautiful lips girl..

  11. "now my weird lips" hehe. Dont know what ur talking about. Your lips look sexy!!

  12. @ nikita: Great. Actually it's good, quality wise. but I like colors . Which is your favourite?
    @ Tanveer: Yes, apart from the shine and quality it's nothing if it has no color IMO
    @ Cali: Thanks girl. Although I agree with you, because I find doe-foot applicators are more easy to work with and gives more even finish. But when you are running around say in a bus or auto, the tubes are easier to work with .
    @ Phhokie: Lipstickphile like me, this is not worth your stash ;) :P
    @ Prerana: The way I'm so agreeging with all the negative and positive stuff may be confusing, but how can i ignore the positives as well. :( Where were you btw? It's a long time since I'm seeing you again

  13. @ Tanvee: Yeah. The color.... I feel like licking it :(
    @ Ammu: Greedy us!! :P
    @ Shang J: Yes. I won't exactly want to invest in a lip balm like this
    @ Shweta: Hahahaha! Guess we should come up with a praise post now becasue most of the times we complain :P
    @ Krupa: :) Thanks girl. You really made my day!! I was wondering how it would show up on my bare lips.
    @ Ginger: EEEEEEEEEEEEee!!! Now I'm really jumping with delgiht!!! Thanks

  14. yups agree wit u ... its v sheer . . .

  15. and yeah ..... y u callin ur lips weird !!! they re sexy :)

  16. ya not enough pigmented..

  17. Nice post . I have used it and can say it is good.

    Follow each other .

  18. totally toffee is better

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. HA HA ..... I have the exact same shade...

    my feelings mirror ur own..

    NO Colour??!!! wish it had some...

    take care

  21. lol actually I am a lipstickphile, but I hate lip glosses & I'm struggling to finish what I already have :D :D

    also, all the best for your no-makeup diet. I've been on those diets before so I can sympathise.

  22. Oh yes I remember being super excited when these came out, but then I relaized they were all so sheer. I used to prefer sheer lipglosses but then I changed my mind!

  23. I think this is a good everyday gloss!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  24. i want one. ar tor lips khubi sundor. baje bokis na. :P

  25. i had it its good for daily wear becoz of its lighter content...


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