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Maybelline Expert wear Blush Swatches

It is time that I am trying to get over my laziness and do things that I needed to do. Long time back, I had reviewed Maybelline Expert wear Blush in the shades Berry Sorbet and Apricot Flush. Since I was new to blogging, I was prone to making mistakes( which I still am) and I forgot to swatch them. Later, I did a swatch photo but then, forgot all about them.
So, here is your all familiar and favorite Expertwear Blush shades from Maybelline
Maybelline Expertwear Blush L Berry Sorbet R Apricot Flush

Which is your favourite shade?


  1. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! Celebrity Media Appearances Sydney

  2. I'm yet to try a maybelline blush - I had tried their mousse blush, but found it just ok :P

  3. I have one in Pinch'o'pink.. that is baby pink kinds...

    these look good too!


  4. Ohhh I love the Berry Sorbet colour, but both look lovely!

  5. i really like the pink one!
    so girly :) beautiful shades.

  6. I got both and love them equally. But if you want only 1 then get berry sorbet. Thanks :)I got both and love them equally. But if you want only 1 then get berry sorbet. Thanks :)

  7. Both of them are so pretty. But Apricot Flush is tempting me now. ;)

  8. nice shades!! I had one before & like it :)

  9. apricot one is good na.. will try it soon :)

  10. I haven't tried these but both the shades look pretty!

  11. If there's 1 maybelline product that I don't completely love, then it's the blushes. I have apricot flush, which is a gorgeous shade and I had been eyeing berry sorbet, but then I felt that there are plenty of better pigmented blushes out there.

  12. Apricot flush looks interesting. how's the texture compared to the mousse blushes?

  13. I have the apricot blush, I actually like it quite a lot

  14. @ TMAS: Thank you so much. it feels so good being appreciated
    @ Tanveer: Actually these are very pocket friendly. I have not tried the Mousse blush. I am right now obsessed with faces blushes. Which blush are you using right now?
    @ Viva: Yes!! it was my first blush from Maybelline and I would say the best shade ever. But I had bought and also used it up before I started blogging so couldn't swatch :p The shade looks scary on first glance, but it's the best shade ever

  15. @ Candice: For everyday wear berry Sorbet is something that would never go wrong
    @ Despina: Thank you girl. btw, I liked your blog but since it's in some toher language ( the design), I could not follow. Could we have a translator please?
    @ beautydiva: I so agree. It's that safe color
    @Shang J: Give it a try. you''d love them!!
    @ Raksha: you always look good in any shade dear
    @ Rekha: Yes. It's totally worth checking out
    @ Harshleen: yeah. I think more shades are available abroad
    @ Poohkie" I agree. But the Berry Sorbet is so subtle on us that you would never go wrong. but I have found my favorite now :p
    @ IBC: The mousses are mousses and these are powders :) Yes, Apricot Flush looks like is the best loved shade from this range
    @Ammu: It's actually very good for most Indian skin tones. My friend bought it and it gives her skin such a glowy kind finish!!

  16. Also, since Apricot flush is too dark for you, use it with the berry sorbet blush. Just touch your blush brush to Apricot flush & then swirl it in Berry sorbet. You'll get a gorgeous peachy colour. I find that it hard to control the amount of blush I use when I apply AF & if I apply too much my skin looks plain oily. So this is something that I've been dong & it looks amazing.

  17. the pink one is lovely. :)


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